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  1. I believe there was a post about using a womans hair flat iron to heat and bend bills of this and similar types awhile back
  2. Hobby stores have thin superglue that you can brush on. This is what I use. I usually do multiple coats but not sure it's needed
  3. Jaw

    Rageblade ?

    I tried them out when they first came out and had a hard time maintaining depth. They just seemed to want to come straight to the top no matter how slow I fished them. I'll stick with my chatterbaits.
  4. Great realistic look. Have always admired your work
  5. Thanks mark. The chatterbait idea is what I had in mind
  6. Just fyi I recently took the topcoat (alumni-uv) off of a lure body I wasn't happy with. This lure has been sitting on a shelf in my shop for at least 6 mths and when I chipped the topcoat there was an immediate chemical smell released. The smell is the same smell you have when your applying the alumiuv before curing it. I have used both solarex and the alumiuv product and IMO you get a better product with solarex. I have a post or two on here describing my disappointment s with the alumiuv product.
  7. Jaw

    Chrome 2nd try!

    If it is spazstixs please explain your process. It's been awhile but mine didn't turn out as well as yours.
  8. Would a food dehydrator work? I haven't seen one in years but curious about the practicality of using one
  9. Yep can't beat them well worth the $
  10. Jaw

    Short Video

    Remember the main reason we have workers comp/ disability and many of the other benifits companies provide or are mandated to pay is that someone bled for them and families suffered hardships because of non covered injuries. Companies in general do not volunteer to give anything away. It's taken labor movements and legislation to get it this way. Not debating or arguing I just felt compelled to voice my opinion
  11. It was a last ditch effort and I really wasn't concerned about the damage. The brush was junk from the start. It wouldn't shoot anything thicker than water at best
  12. I left the neo I was trying to make work in a bowl of acetone because even after cleaning it, it acted plugged. I forgot it in the bowl, when I went back to it the orings were jelly. I assumed it had to be from the acetone. Never did get that brush to shoot paint even when it was new, but I wouldn't give up on it. I had two new brushes but still found myself trying to make that thing work
  13. Jaw

    What Is Prop

    Thanks guys. I read about it some last winter but I guess I was a little confused or thought I had the wrong stuff/article. Most of the things I read just refered to using it. I got a little impatient and gave up went back to superglue. Not sure how many cheap reading glasses I can come up with seems the friends/ coworkers I have loose them before they break them. I would guess if you use the plastic / solo type cups you would want the clear ones, not sure if the red coloring would affect it but I would not be using it as a clearcoat, probably just a sealer. Not sure yet
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