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  1. Dave: I would like to have your ballast calculator. Seems great¡¡¡¡. Not sure if I have to include my email....just in case: diegovillarreal2000@gmail.com


    Thank you¡¡¡

    Abrazo. Diego. 


    1. Vodkaman
    2. calden


      Received¡¡ after rescuing it from my spam box¡¡¡. Works fine. Thank you. Diego.

  2. Clemmy. Thanks a lot. Spanish is my language. I studied in Florida –Go Gators¡¡- time ago, and keep great memories and friends from my stay there. Whenever I can, I visit US and come back with luggage full of lure making stuff. I searched in google for: “lure movements”, with no luck. I was just looking for a graph like the one you posted but not at the right place. Dave: thanks you for your kind and comprehensive answer. Lots of good information and ideas that I’ll carefully read and use. Diego. (Calden, my nickname, is a native tree from this region of Argentina. Great shade, pea pods make good animal forage, but wood not good for carving :-).
  3. Dave: not sure I can catch all the details of the movements you describe (pitch, waggle, so on…my English not that good). But I’ve got your idea. For sure I will be making longer lips set at your suggested angles, and going with lures, and a long, long cable to power my Dremel to my brother`s pool. I have 3 questions. 1. What kind of cranks –size, shape- would be preferable to start searching for the hunting action?. 2. Preferable lip shape?, and 3. How large should be the trims when probing (1mm, less, more?)?. Thanks very much for your contributions to this site, extensive to all the other members. I learnt every day from you. Diego, from center Argentina.
  4. Mr. T: Check NJ Tackle. I bought Rosco split rings in bulk from them. Good prices. Don´t know about shipping prices to Canada. Diego.
  5. Matt: I am in Argentina. I use Glasurite acrylic varnish. I dip the lures 3-4 times in it, 2-3 days between dips, and get a very clear, rock solid finish (needed to stand dorados teeth). Works better when warm –just leave the can under the sun for a little while- and thin it with thinner when needed. Can´t compare with others though, since is the only one I tried. I use acrylic paints only. Mark: you got me a little worried about safety. I dip the lures in my backyard, when wind is blowing, and rarely smell the stuff. The lures are hanged outdoors among dips and then until the odor is no longer perceptible. Only then go to the tackle box. Do you believe that is still unsafe?.
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