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  1. I've never tied a skirt on a jig at all. Just starting out
  2. I am wondering if anyone has any resources showing how to tie mop style jig skirts onto football head and flipping style jigs. I am just getting into tying my own jigs and would like to learn the proper way to do it. I intend on using living rubber for the skirt material. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. I looked on eBay, I was hoping to get clear blanks
  4. Does anyone know if anyone makes a knock off or where I can get clear Storm "Big Bug" lure bodies?
  5. I've never had issues with fish eyes and etex. I wipe with tack cloth then wax and grease remover. Brush on, immediately put on rotisserie then use heat gun to even out as they rotate on rotisserie. Never had an issue
  6. Does anybody have a line on where to get various 3"-6" Jointed hard Glide blank swim baits? i'm looking for some in a shad type shape and possibly a Perch shape? I've been wanting to do something similar to a Triton Mike bull shad and a Perch but haven't been able to find much. Any help is appreciated! -Dan
  7. what didn't you like about it Sim? I've tried multiple top coats and liked Etex the best out of the lot. but am curious about the art resin for certain applications if it is harder and more durable than etex. Has anyone done an abuse test Etex vs art resin?
  8. No, it doesn't smoke at all. There is some residual smell of hot plastic obviously. But nothing dangerous
  9. I don't see that working for two reasons. 1- the form tends to shift and stretch when you are actually forming it making it a nightmare to insure the stencil would be centered properly. And 2- the shape of the cutouts would change when formed
  10. Hot knife is definitely the ticket. hand draw your design onto the stencil with a fine point permanent marker. then let the hot knife get as hot as possible. I usually wait for a while and test out how hot it is by trying to cut a piece of scrap. this hot knife works well and is inexpensive: http://www.michaels.com/walnut-hollow-professional-hotknife/10389558.html
  11. captain hooks has the lowest prices i could find. The website leaves allot to be desired but id imagine the savings have to come from somewhere www.captainhookswarehouse.com
  12. I made my compressor which is similar to the Silentaire type. i bought a harbor freight pancake compressor,stripped the compressor and used the tank. Then mounted a used 1/4 hp refrigeration compressor on it. Ran a few copper lines,installed an unloader valve from grainger,muffler,pressure regulator with oil and water trap and walla- Silentaire compressor for under $200 bucks. Works awesome, quite, makes plenty of pressure and volume. If your handy its not too bad to make. I could take pics and go into greater detail if anyone is interested
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