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  1. Speaking of titanium wire (for leaders and stinger hooks) does anyone know of a bulk supplier, all I have found so far are suppliers that are more expensive than buying a retail pack of Not to Kinky leader packs.
  2. X2 those look awesome, what is not right in your eyes
  3. Pearl powders are also compatible you can get them from both art stores and autobody paint suppliers. I have also used epoxy colorants with reasonable results though they can be a bit bleedy.
  4. I use an external wire rig, A football jig head, split ringed to a 55lb titanium wire with a hook and a pin also on the head is a screw lock. After the strike the pin pulls out of the body an the body generally stays out of the mouth increasing the life of the body exponentially. I have has numerous internally rigged storm baits wrecked after one fish even one destroyed after one bite did not even hook the fish. I am working on an idea for a purpose built head where the screw lock is cast in along with a two line ties 90 and 45 for casting or vertical jigging.
  5. Quick question how big are the eye sockets on the molds
  6. Good to hear, I'll be adding the 1.75 to my next supply run.
  7. I have been loving the 6" version of the body (fantastic pike candy) but I have my eye on the other end of the scale 1.75" version has anyone tried that size.
  8. I watched a youtube about making dice molds and the guy was having the same sort of issues especially since he was pressure potting the resin as it cured. IIRC degassing the silicon helped lots but curing the mold in the pressure pot was the answer i'll see if I can dig that video up.
  9. I am using off the shelf clamshells but the best fit is still too deep and I need to find some sort of filler it to keep the baits nice and straight. If I was really motivated I would do a diy vacuum formed insert But that sounds like a next winter option. A high end option is to lazer cut a pair of coaster with a logo and some sort of witty saying. on the low end there is paper covered foam core. Part of why the package is thicker is we are also including an external wire rig with a hook.
  10. Hi folks I am looking for help getting properly setup to sell lures tax wise and the complication as always is I need Canada first , Canada to USA and Canada EU. What do I google Thanks
  11. OK report time, the deep fryer did worked until the plastic got low then the plastic did burn.
  12. I don't have that mold, but I do have the 6" shad and it is dull out of the water but lights up in the water. I have 3 different bodies types all the same. I don't know if it is the bodies I have or a common fault but I think the runners are too small and some sort of sprue extender is needed.
  13. Just got the unit today and if I had to guess it won't work "out of the box". My unscientific test was turn it on empty and see how hot it gets the wall get as hot as 450. To contrast turn the cooker on to 350 and the bottom is 350. I will try it but I will load it with hot plastic I think that will be the most likely to succeed. I need warmer weather before I will try, at -25c the garage heater can't keep up.. BUT Inspired by the home built job further back in the thread can the control system be hacked to where the side walls only go to the temp set? And that spawns another idea or two. Low tech first. It's a long story but for a couple of years I have been watching chemistry videos on YouTube. Sometimes you see the presenter put a round bottom flask in either an oil bath or sand for even heating. So could you take two wide mouth canning jars or similar heat tolerant container and put it into a presto pot cooker and surround it with sand to hold them in place and even out the heat. I do have access to aluminum shavings aluminum does conduct heat better but I am not sure the other is like the previously mentioned diy but with a less scary heat source.
  14. Has anyone actually tried the Mini Presto deep fryer? I have one showing up soon so if there are any tips I am open. if not I guess I am the crash test dummy I expect to heat the plastic first in the microwave, like I already do with the regular presto pots
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