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  1. Walking Dead

    Cobra craw

    Anyone have and want to part?
  2. Mix the chrome with some clear powder, 50/50
  3. Is it trial an error to get a good start on the amount of ballast weight needed on wood crank baits? I know the question is loaded. thanks.
  4. Try mica powder. You can get the effects you are looking for with that. A hot griddle can help you keep the plastic hot.
  5. Anyone have a line on a supplier of metal 3 blade buzzbait blades?
  6. BSI epoxy. Painted a 1.2 blank. Used a stencil. Thanks
  7. Here they are, made the same wY without the name HP. https://www.mannsbait.com/shop/1-4-oz-Classic-Spinnerbait-White-p111455475
  8. Anyone have a line on these Japanese hooks? Not wanting a second mortgage but need a hundred or so off and on. I tried a few sources web sites with no luck.
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