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  1. Having trouble with Do-it, lure parts stainless SB wire forms breaking after three bends. What is the strongest .35 or .40 wire I can bend and available to the hobbyists. Breaking about a 1/4 inch in front of the head.
  2. Anyone ever try to replicate a small blue crab? The bass choke them here in the Bama Delta.
  3. Walking Dead

    Cobra craw

    Anyone have and want to part?
  4. Mix the chrome with some clear powder, 50/50
  5. Is it trial an error to get a good start on the amount of ballast weight needed on wood crank baits? I know the question is loaded. thanks.
  6. Try mica powder. You can get the effects you are looking for with that. A hot griddle can help you keep the plastic hot.
  7. Anyone have a line on a supplier of metal 3 blade buzzbait blades?
  8. BSI epoxy. Painted a 1.2 blank. Used a stencil. Thanks
  9. Here they are, made the same wY without the name HP. https://www.mannsbait.com/shop/1-4-oz-Classic-Spinnerbait-White-p111455475
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