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  1. Anyone ever try to replicate a small blue crab? The bass choke them here in the Bama Delta.
  2. Walking Dead

    Cobra craw

    Anyone have and want to part?
  3. Mix the chrome with some clear powder, 50/50
  4. Is it trial an error to get a good start on the amount of ballast weight needed on wood crank baits? I know the question is loaded. thanks.
  5. Try mica powder. You can get the effects you are looking for with that. A hot griddle can help you keep the plastic hot.
  6. Anyone have a line on a supplier of metal 3 blade buzzbait blades?
  7. BSI epoxy. Painted a 1.2 blank. Used a stencil. Thanks
  8. Here they are, made the same wY without the name HP. https://www.mannsbait.com/shop/1-4-oz-Classic-Spinnerbait-White-p111455475
  9. Anyone have a line on these Japanese hooks? Not wanting a second mortgage but need a hundred or so off and on. I tried a few sources web sites with no luck.
  10. After some searching, I found the man himself declaring the wire size he used. Again thanks everyone.
  11. Thank you. I will get the number 7 to try out.
  12. Thanks. I bend mine from straight shafts so i will just draw an outline as a guide. Thanks. also going with some .31 piano wire as testing baits.
  13. Spoke to Owner rep: matte black are old version. New version is less black finish so They will be the lighter color and new style. I will no longer use them. Guys sent finished jigs back.
  14. I thought I had one but cannot find it. Does anyone know the wire thickness on the Cassic spinnerbait?
  15. I have a call and email in to Owner but want to see if the users of the Owner 5317 jig hook has noticed a change in the hook around the tip. It appears as though the tip was added to the hook. there is a dip and the points have a slight upward angle as well as the area around the barb is narrower.
  16. Review on the dubro were fair at best: scratches and leaves burs. Might have to continue the vise and pull method.
  17. What are you using to straighten bulk wire coming off spools? I want to create straight shafts from spooled wire and not getting it straight enough. Thanks
  18. I speculated that ad well, they seem pretty good though.
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