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  1. OK thanks Frank It's for the European market, not the USA.
  2. Hi, i would need the raw materials to produce motoroil(changeable) in a huge amount to create several motoroil colors. Drum size is not a problem. Anyone got an idea where i could buy these ? Many thanks.
  3. hi slowfish thanks for the FASTresponse -> fastfish understand about the vents, i'm going to try that ! i inject each bait seperately vertical because i wanted to make perfect 2 color laminates At the moment i have 2 twisters in one mold, using the blending block i inject the 2 baits seperately. i could inject these horizontaly and inject from the top, that should work also for laminates but i think, if i want to have perfect laminates i can only inject one bait at a time. Possible to make a multi cavity laminate twistermold ? i think the plastic will be mixed up....
  4. i have a small problem with a twister mold the U-shaped ribs of the body are not completely filled with plastic. when i inject fast i have this problem, i guess air is closed in so i inject very slow, the result is better but the problem is not solved. Dont know how to solve this problem... The injector hole is 5/8, the conical shape of the injection channel on the drawing might not be perfect for a 2 color laminate. Done some tests and the colors are mixed up. Does anybody know how to get the bodys FULL with plastic ? Thanks !
  5. Caney Creek molds has a product to sink baits : "HDS Additive is a naturally occurring silicate formulated specifically for use in making soft plastic baits sink" mhh does anyone know what kind of product this is ?
  6. i use a digital microwave 800Watts, i heat up the plastic combining full power with 30% power plastic is cristal clear without stirring (only shaking the cup a few times) i reheat on 10% power, works perfect to me i think some microwaves have a program that is perfect to keep it just hot enough and dont overheat
  7. have tested my new blending block today !!! problem solved ! have made some very nice baits...i'm happy
  8. Bob, that sounds good and would be happy to give it a try i can make the block this week and post the results i have read your message several times but i dont get it can u draw me a sketch on a piece of paper and post it please?
  9. Have just made my brand new blending block and it looks perfect ! the 2 colors channels are coming together in the mold and not in the blending block like my previous one keep my fingers crossed, tomorrow i'm going to test it !!! and i'm going to design some blending blocks for swirl effects...!
  10. i'm going to start with making a new blending block not sure if this might be the cause but if will give it a try my block has an aluminum insert tube, the colors come together before the plastic gets into the mold i have made some nice laminates before but i will change it anyway
  11. just shot some baits at 340+ same problem BUT i discovered that every time, after sucking up the plastic and moving them out of the plastic to the blending block, the injectors are dripping. Not a few drips, its a fine stream maybe this dripping is getting into the blending block and cause the mixed problem have done a test and as soon as i remove the injectors out of the plastic i hold the tip up and than quickly put them into the blending block. The result is much better but still not perfect. i think i need to solve this dripping problem and test again with several temps of plasti
  12. Hi Frank sorry i forgot to mention that my 2 injectors are combined. They can not be pushed individually. They have a thick wall so i pre-heat them. i suck up 2 colors at once, put these in the block and inject the mold. Works perfect but like you where saying, to get it perfect several things must be perfect. i'm using 2 microwaves for the moment, my thermometer is working to slow to measure each color fast so it's not that easy to get the 2 colors perfect the same temp i will start to set up 2 presto pots with a digital temperature regulator so i have perfect temp control i'm
  13. everybody thanks for the response/advice ! today i have done some shots, this time i used a digital thermometer and heated the plastic to 310 no succes so i heated another time to 320, same result tried 5 more times without a proper laminate enclosed a picture to see the result could it be possible that the "rounded ribs" in the mold are causing this problem? a few baits have a body that are quite ok but most of the baits have also a mixed body ! i'm using 2 single injectors with a blending block. its a single bait mold, i shoot in from the head of the bait, so i'm not using a m
  14. the bait is completely round like a stick bait, nothing special to me. both sides of the mold are the same... will upload a picture tomorrow i guess the plastic temperature must be the problem i tried 5 times, heating some plastic in the microwave... none of the baits are ok shooting in one color and painting afterwords might be easier
  15. i have made a new mold of a twister with a standard curly tail the body of the twister is about 1/2" in diameter and 2 1/2" long the tail is 2" in diameter , thickness 1/10" when injecting 2 colors with a blending block, the color of the body is ok but the color of the tail is completely mixed up. i have tried to inject fast, inject slow, doesnt work. also tried hot and thicker plastic my injectors are very hot this i not a multi cavity mold, only one bait (its a prototype mold) my blending block works perfect... for some reason i can not make a perfect 2 color laminate he
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