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  1. form where do you have this picture? Are these the Wlure Trebles? I am a little bit confused?!?!?!
  2. yeah they look strong, but are with size #8 much too small. Tried the 1/0 now, but they are too small.
  3. The 4x would be really nice to a quite good price, but is only available in size 1/0. Thank you
  4. Does anyone know a good and cheap source for treble hooks in size 2/0 at least 3x strong and sharp. Similar to Owner ST36. China is also possilbe if quality is fine. I would need 1000 - 3000pcs, depending on price.
  5. I didn't have any burning problems. Did you pour that hot? They are developing a clear Sculpt at the moment, this will be also very interesting.
  6. I already have bought the Sculpt. Works pretty well, but needed nearly one bottle to get familar with the resin and the moulds.
  7. Found a awesome channel on YT. https://www.youtube.com/c/GulfStreamOutdoors/videos Nice guy, with good videos. Seems to work quite fine.
  8. Hi, Has anyone ever printed a soft plastic mould directly from resin? Is it worth to buy the high temp resin, or is it enough to use normal basic UV resin? Does the soft plastic stick to the cured resin? If not possible has anyone made negative moulds from resin and poured them out with ceramic plaster or Alumilite? How to demould the resin after pouring? It cannot be melted out like FDM printed moulds.
  9. Has anyone meanwhile found a source for Salmo Hornets or something similar? Preferably with just one hook eye? The Arkie look really nice, but are the have no trout pattern and only with 2 treble hooks.
  10. Hi Cadman, at the moment I do not have access to Solid Works only to Creo. And to be honest this program is crap. Of course it is possible to redesign it, but honestly I am not the specialist in designing animals with CAD. I a project engineer who concentrates on planning facilities I can do it, but I thought maybe some others guy are also experimenting with 3D, therefore I asked. Unfortunately the guy didn't post the STP, I already asked him. But I think he cannot convert it, the process is very difficult.
  11. Similar to the sculpin file I am looking for a 3d model of a rat. Only the head section with the ears would be enough. But I need a file which I can edit with a normal CAD program like Creo or Solid Works. The 3d printed head would give a nice surface lure. Example: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:586166
  12. something like this: https://www.turbosquid.com/Search/3D-Models/sculpin
  13. Does anyone have a 3d model of a sculpin or something similar. Best would be a parametric stp file. I only can find stl and obj which cost a lot of money.
  14. Unfortunately the topic is rather dead. But I want to give my comments on my last mould. It came out perfect and works great. The 3D designed hook had exact the dimensions he should have.
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