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  1. Unfortunately the topic is rather dead. But I want to give my comments on my last mould. It came out perfect and works great. The 3D designed hook had exact the dimensions he should have.
  2. The "virtual hook" works on a printed mould. But the printer is not aligned properly. I Have to re-aglin it and print new mould halfs, then I will make silicone mould out of it.
  3. Looks pretty nice I think. I will print a positive of a mould in the next days, then I will see if the dimensions are correct.
  4. I will try a 5150 today and post the result here. I have them in stock.
  5. I think putting all the hookse on a scanner with a reference scale or graph paper could work pretty fine. Maybe we have a retailer with us who could make a quick scan.
  6. I could trace the images in Lightburn. Maybe I can save them as a .dxf. Should give it a try.
  7. Nice work Vodkaman. For designing the moulds or lures it is enough. A little bit of rendering and they look quite nice. Could you please send me the step files? Or better could you upload them on Thingiverse? Here you can find the dimensions of the VMC 5150 - except the wire thickness. For the tip of the hooks you should use the rotate function to have a sharp tip and after that you should design the barb. Looks much nicer. Of course a cutting point tip will be too much work :-) Which program do you use?
  8. Does anyone has some step files of jig hooks, especially VMC? I know they are not that complicated to design, but why not saving time if anyone has already done that. Thanks in advance
  9. Seele

    3D Printed Baits

    I'm also designing lures with CAD and 3D printer. The last ones we big shads which can be interchanged with a big curly tail. So 1 Head but 2 lures. It would be possible to make a whole series with different lengths out of it. But that's too much work for only 20 pcs.
  10. Seele

    SS2 FT

    Blank: Spin System 2 FT Guide: Fuji Alconite NGC Reel Seat: Fuji TVS with Carbon insert and Carbon Nut Handle: Split Grip Duplon Split Grip with 24k gold leaf Carbon Collar at rafting of top piece for extra strength
  11. Seele

    Artificial waggy rat

    Rat imitation with 2 joints, made from 3 straight Wire shafts, which make the lure very flexible in the water. Different Lead heads can be added to personal benefits. Also a wooden Head for a surface lure is possible. Advantages: The fur absorbs water for a good casting performance, but in the water it is nearly weightless. Because of the natural feeling of the fur, predators hold in the lure often very long before spitting out. Some pikes already tried to swallow it. Length with 2 joints ~20cm
  12. 3 different colors are enough. They should be really simple. Sorry, but with the Telephone won't work, because I am not from the USA. Maybe you can PM me.
  13. Does anyone know where I can buy bulk ribbon tail worms with at least 7.5'' length? The longer the tail, the better. I need a quantity of round about 1000pcs. Does anyone have a good adress in china?
  14. I do not think, that the Hagen's will work with air.
  15. No it would be rather cool and relaxing
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