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  1. Apdriver, What brand of foil tape do you use? Do you get it from Home Depot? Not sure why mine is leaving such a sticky residue. Thanks
  2. Awesome...Thanks Cadman. Cadman What do you use on the blacks and green pumpkins? It seems like I am having the most problems with those. Aaron
  3. I mainly use pro tec....I am not sure exact size off top of my head...but where I need the material is about 2 to 2.5
  4. That is some great info...thanks....I guess it will be just a lot of trial and error.
  5. Thanks...I may try layered coffee filters as well. I agree....that is expensive....especially when you have a cup for each color....
  6. That is more that I am willing to spend....I think I will try the newpaper. How many do you use on your darker colors? IT will at least give me a starting point. Thanks
  7. Honesetly I am not 100% sure what I am talking about either. Currently I am using cut outs of paper bags...that works great for some colors and ok for others and horribly for Green Pumpkin and Black and other really dark colors. I heard some micro mesh materials would be good to try....but I have no idea where to start. I have also heard other medias work pretty good...like coffee filters, etc.
  8. I am looking for a good micro mesh to try....any ideas? Right now I am using paper bag and it works great for some colors and not at all for others. Green Pumpkin and Black mainly need help.
  9. Just looked into that...not seeing anywhere I could get a smaller sample of that....seems to be sold in just large amounts for a good deal of money.
  10. I bake at 400 for 15-20 and I still get the stickiness. Strange....I would of thought it would have burned off as well. I will try the alcohol...that seems like that should work just fine. At least I hope.
  11. I made my own fluid bed system so I am not sure they will work with mine....I just need the mesh material so I can make them myself. Thanks
  12. I wonder if the foil tape I bought from Home Depot is a little different. Do you take off the tape right after you apply the powder paint or let it sit for a while and cool? I take mine off right after when it is still hot. I will try the alcohol if I continue to have this issue. Thanks
  13. Apdriver Or anyone else that may know. Do you get a bit of stickiness after you take off the foil tape? If so, what do you use to get that off? What can I use to get the stickiness off but not mess with the paint? Thanks
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