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  1. did a bit of research... here is a link to the mold pic https://custombaits.com/index.php?topic=12180.0 from the 2nd pic you can see more of the items needed to make them, it says 60lb nylostrand leader and a swivel. more info in the top pic, I remember seeing them, they were never popular in my area. now they make them as underspins. should be a fun one to build and try. this is kinda what it will look like, except the one you have also uses the fiber weedguard.
  2. Fishhead took over dingers and is just getting going, so selection is low but it's getting better all the time
  3. I think I understand what you mean, when I make inline spinners, the short arm on the open side wraps around the shaft with the body on it. Hopefully this will help you out
  4. Have you looked at the dipsy divers. Thats what a bunch of the boats use for salmon on lake Michigan
  5. Who sells the best square bill blanks in the .5 and 1.0 versions ? I will need 5 or6 of each for my winter painting time. Thank you for your help T
  6. try the utube videos from this guy he has some good homemade fixtures Engineered Angler Lures
  7. Absolutely a radtke pikey. Seen lots of as they were being assembled.
  8. Did you try zeiners anglers supply, it lets you add to cart. Might call and check for sure
  9. probably ask this in the hard bait section, someone will have an answer for you there.
  10. great looking bait, the bluegills will love it
  11. colorado blades spin pretty close to the body, maybe it hits the body and cant spin. or maybe not enough cup to the blade,
  12. I never used one at first, but then I tried 1 and yes you need at least 1, I think I might have 8-10, with different threads on them, i have 3 of these, they work pretty well. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fly-Tying-Thread-Bobbins-Set-of-3-Double-Flared-Tube-FF104/251924671027
  13. TerryF2858


    Happy New Year to you and thank you for all the great advice and help I have gotten thru the year from you and the others on here
  14. A friend of mine bought some on Ebay and asked me to see if I could get the mold to make them. So I was searching and found nothing so I asked everyone here and it doesn't seem to be available T
  15. I did not think so, I did some searches and came up empty thanks T
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