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  1. probably ask this in the hard bait section, someone will have an answer for you there.
  2. great looking bait, the bluegills will love it
  3. colorado blades spin pretty close to the body, maybe it hits the body and cant spin. or maybe not enough cup to the blade,
  4. I never used one at first, but then I tried 1 and yes you need at least 1, I think I might have 8-10, with different threads on them, i have 3 of these, they work pretty well. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fly-Tying-Thread-Bobbins-Set-of-3-Double-Flared-Tube-FF104/251924671027
  5. TerryF2858


    Happy New Year to you and thank you for all the great advice and help I have gotten thru the year from you and the others on here
  6. A friend of mine bought some on Ebay and asked me to see if I could get the mold to make them. So I was searching and found nothing so I asked everyone here and it doesn't seem to be available T
  7. I did not think so, I did some searches and came up empty thanks T
  8. anyone know if this style head is available in a mold and where to get it thank you
  9. It could be the solvent is reacting to the wax on the thread, I do not use any thread with wax on for my bucktails, and I use clear lacquer from the auto store, it is premixed and I just poke 2 holes in the top, and put screws in the holes to reseal it. my thread is nylon size a.
  10. https://www.wlure.com/collections/wlure-3d-stencils have not tried them yet
  11. try cadman customs jigs http://cadmansjigs.weebly.com/ he has lots and may make what you need
  12. have you tried the VMC's i have not but they look similar
  13. It looks great, you could put a tint along the top and you wouldn't see the scuff marks and it would look even better
  14. I make inline spinners with one, they are probably close to the same as yours, it took some time to get it adjusted and getting them to come out. I use .026 wire
  15. I built one with a 8 inch pvc pipe coupler. Siliconed plywood to bottom and peg board on top, then used hole saw to fit shop vac. Just lay bait on it and heat the plastic i want to use and when hot just hit the on button and it forms over the bait and leaves flat parts to clamp 2 halves together
  16. you can still get those blades https://barlowstackle.com/Royal-Willow-Spinner-Blades-P1956/
  17. Xuron - 496 Split Ring Pliers anyone use these and do you like them better than texas tackle?
  18. simple fix, cut off the rest of the part they chewed, very carefully so as to not nick the blank,(it doesnt have to be perfect, just the big chunks) then order a rear grip from anglers workshop, longer than the damaged area, cut to correct length, ream out the new handle with a rat tailed file so it slides on snugly,(the rod tapers is opposite of the way the handle is usually put on, but epoxy will fill the void) coat the area with epoxy, slide the new part on, clean the excess off and set handle down and let dry.. good as new. lots of videos on you tube to help out
  19. No i have the correct name. I think it is gone, guess i will have to try the other ones
  20. spinnerbaitskirts.com, are they out of business? site is gone, and no answer from emails thanks
  21. do you use 5 min epoxy or the 30 min one, or gorilla epoxy, i see those teflon pins, they are really nice. probably will need to get a bunch, anyone sell in 100 bags or 50's
  22. i already have a bunch poured and trimmed, so i painted a few and the problem showed up, so may have to rethink pouring with the weed guards, and try the pins and epoxy, but was thinking the weed guard may not be as strong with just the epoxy, thats why i poured them the way i did. thank you for the suggestions, hope to get a few more ideas.
  23. good afternoon, i have the following molds: SPJ-3-ATK BSH-3-SA the questions: i poured the jigs with the weed guards in, it went well, only a few bad ones. Now i want to powder coat them, i have Teflon tubes, and painting is going OK, but when i go to bake them for the finish, the tubes slide off or the weed guards sag, or they flare out and sag, any tips or ideas, i tried to use tape to hold them, but it gets to hot and it melts the glue on the tape. i may try foil next time or maybe foil to hold the tubes in place. i use a fluid bed that has the vibrator built in. any tips would be great thank you terry
  24. that looks great but bet they are a lot of work to get them made
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