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  1. Repaint/custom painted Crankbait in my “Lakeville Pumpkinseed” pattern

    © Lure Me In Custom Painted Crankbaits

  2. I do but what I did is to turn it into a trout I just stippled spots on it.
  3. WAKASAGI White base Gold top half mostly on back Scale mask Detail moss green Take off mask More moss green on back Wicked Raspberry sides Transparent smoke around eyes and little on back. Clear coat with white glitter
  4. I haven’t used Createx paint in 4 years. Too thick. I like thinner paints. If the FW paint says Pearlized it won’t shoot. The regular ink will. You should see an airbrush icon on the side of the jar
  5. My signature Northwoods Blue Gill on a grave digger lipless crankbait
  6. If you want to learn more about painting techniques, tips and tricks, I started a great Facebook group page called Brotherhood of Custom Crankbait Painting. It's not to showcase your work but to show your work and tell us how you did it as well as get help from the more experienced painters
  7. Very Snazzy! Definitely the look of a 2nd place finisher! jk
  8. mdojet


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