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  1. Type this: barchino divergente. That's Italian for small boat diverging.
  2. Oh, I had the specs written down, but I left them out in the rain. Just look up Italian planer boards and get the dimension there.
  3. Bass? That's a trash fish! Anything but bass.
  4. Well, I don't know how much a help I can be, but after looking at your channel. I'd say get on a schedule of producing three videos per week. They don't have to be all fishing videos. Maybe one live stream, one fishing videos and one tutorial video. Instead of five videos and quitting, plan on producing your first 500 videos before expecting to gain real traction. Also buy a books titled "How to Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck," by Steve Stockman. It totally transformed my channel.
  5. I use a Panasonic GH4, and it is rigged basically like a cinema camera. So it's huge and heavy. I also use vintage Canon FD lenses. I want these to be like mini documentary films. There are plenty of people doing watch-me-go- fishing videos. Part of me wants to show what's possible instead of just a vlog-type video. I really hate GoPro and other action cameras to tell you the truth. I can never get the look I want because everything is preset. No log or cinema-like picture profiles so that I can color grade in post production to make it look exactly like I want. I'm trying to achieve
  6. Yeah, I gotta get back to finishing this boat. Keep watch for "Sugar, Fly" It a film series where I will finish this boat while fighting diabetes.
  7. Thx! A second camera would be nice, especially to get wildlife shots. at the moment it would be very difficult to work two cameras. Almost need a second boat with a camera man in it.
  8. Thx, I'll keep that in mind. Keep in mind that videos can be done in multiple parts and crafted into a playlist or series. Sometimes the whole story is not in one video. It may be useless to you, but it is not useless to my audience who has found it insightful in the way I work as indicated in the comments of the video itself. Not everything is about you and what you want. There is always a bigger perspective than your own. In fact this video was for a client who bought a set of these from me. It served as an update in the progress of that person's order. Not every video is for you.
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