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  1. Thanks for the helps btw..I will take those advices into consideration as well!
  2. I'm sure the 0.092 will hold but like one mention above it looks kinda small for the bait...I'm making a rat so im also looking for something that will make loud noise. I like how the screw eyes on my deep crank slammer makes a loud sound but im not sure what mike Shaw uses..I found some at orchard supply hardware store but are not stainless steel. Ill give that a try to see how it goes but the thing is they are like an inch deep into the bait. Do u guys think it'll hold if I also super glue it inside? Or should I use epoxy?
  3. godzilla

    Screw Eyes

    hi, new to making baits! im looking for bigger guage screw eyes. cant seem to find any retail store that sells them..i have the 0.092" from lurepartsonline but i want something bigger. will be using it for the joints and line tie. i can use the 0.092" for the hooks. my bait is made out of wood..any help would be appreciated..thanks!
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