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  1. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the feedback.
  2. It's a relatively new company and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with them. I'm especially interested in their V-Loc version hooks. Thanks.
  3. If anyone is interested in purchasing Hydro-Silk skirts, I have a source who's selling his old stock (not cheap). I have not spoken with him in a while, so I'm not sure about remaining quantity or colors. PM me if interested and I can look into it.
  4. I too have used JB Weld with good success.
  5. Jighead61


    I always use a HEAVY weedguard and thin it out (if or when necessary) based on the cover/structure.
  6. I prefer to tie my SM bucktail jigs on 1/8oz & 1/4oz football heads without weedguards.
  7. I purchased the "Flatline Rubber" when it was first released. Sadly it was not what I expected.
  8. I suppose you can, but I see no need for it after curing powder paint.
  9. Smalljaw, I apprecite the advice.... I'll give the 786BP hooks a shot instead.
  10. I rarely use anything other than Owner and Gammy hooks, but I’ve heard good things about the Eagle Claw BP hooks. I’m thinking of trying them (3/0 & 4/0) with the Do-It Hidden Eye Brush Mold (BSH-3-SA) and wanted to get some user feedback. Thanks.
  11. Guys, if you’re looking for Hydro-Silk skirts, I know a gentleman who’s selling his old stock. He’s not computer savvy so he’s selling them locally by word of mouth. I have no information regarding quantity, colors, pricing, but I can look into it if anyone is interested.
  12. As others have suggested, the Teflon pins are the way to go.
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