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  1. Which purple from Lureworks? Looking at online photos it looks like Hi-lite Purple.
  2. The other thing to consider is the harder the formula the thicker it will be when hot. If you try heating to get the same viscosity as a softer formula you can run the risk of overheating.
  3. SB Coat Dotting is thicker than regular SB Coat. There is no way to thicken it other than leaving the lid off the can and letting it evaporate some, which I dont recommend.
  4. What's wrong with what you've already got? Looks like your using some sort of hi-lite pearl. Are you dusting that on? Whats wrong with using hi-lite red?
  5. Paint applied to the eggs after they are shot. You cant use any kind of paint, you would need paint designed to work on soft plastics. LureWorks carries SB Coat solvent based paints and CoLure Coat water based paints that would work. As to how to achieve that look is all in the technique. What technique they used I wouldnt know. Here are some ideas: use some sort of sponge technique, bristle splatter, or some method of tumbling or rolling. You'll have to play with it and see what works for you. My recommendation would be to start with their SB Coat White Dotting 3026 and see if you can replicate those images. Attached below is my quick and dirty test using SB Coat Dotting paint. Used a "rolling" method. Applied a little paint to the eggs and rolled them around on a paper plate. Not as good as the images you showed but it gives you an idea of where to start.
  6. Hard to tell from a picture as always. If you have Natural 189 I would start with that and add a little Flo Orange 124 and maybe a little Flo Pink 111.
  7. Most swirls of the Green Pumpkin persuasion are done with some sort of pearl powder, are they not? Like Below? Probably a few ways to get there but Lureworks Hi-Light Violet 139 with something to make it pop like a splash of black or your favorite purple pigment. Purple Pearl 171 would work good by itself. In a pinch you could use a standard white pearl and tint it with you favorite purple pigment color.
  8. On average it takes 1 tsp of Hardener per cup of plastic to go from Medium to Medium-Hard. So adding 2 tsp of Hardener to 1 cup of Medium should get you to Hard. If your at 5-6 tsp of Hardener per cup of Medium you possibly beyond the Extra Hard firmness scale. It would be a good idea to insure you have your bucket mixed thoroughly. A stick across the bottom will let you know if you have some resin not mixed in. If it is mixed well then you should start off with Pourasol Hard and adjust if needed on your next order.
  9. Not likely from gloves, hands, or moisture. If you soak the bait in water for a day or two you will get cloudiness but that will also go away on its own as the moisture escapes. There can be interaction of between the residual heat stabilizer and raw lead over time but it is usually isolated to where the contact between the two materials is. Do you add heat stabilizer or any other additives to the plastic?
  10. Those black specs actually look like dirt on the surface and not glitter. Either Hi-Lite Blue or Hi-Lite Violet would probably work and look good but my guess is that is Hi-Lite Blue. I think the key ingredient would be a splash of purple pigment with the Hi-Lite to make it pop and give the purple-ish tint the bait has. Something like Junebug, Black Grape, or Florida Grape would probably do. That color is reminiscent of the back color of Bass Assassin's "Opening Night". As always trying to match a color from a picture is an interesting adventure.
  11. Most transparent chartreuses bleed, especially if it is a dye and not a pigment. Adding white will opaque it up but adding too much can kill the brightness of the chartreuse.
  12. Those dont look like dents from shrinkage due to cooling, that looks like its coming from entrapped air from not venting properly. How is the mold oriented when you shoot it?
  13. Dark Cinnamon 190 from LureWorks. This color was specifically made to match Zooms Speed Craw Cinnamon Purple.
  14. LureWorks does offer pipettes which work great for transferring straight from the can to your airbrush reservoir. An investment in some paper cups shouldn't set you back much. You can do a quick pour from the can into the cup and then pinch down the lip for easier dispensing of small amount of material. You can also use a two cup method to get the paint out of quart or gallon cans. As far as storage you shouldn't use plastic bottles. Very few plastics are compatible and even ones that will tolerate the solvents still will loose some through evaporation over time.
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