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  1. fshng2

    Dragon Diver .jpg

    Thanks, I like how easy it is to form the head. Just a slice with a razor blade.
  2. Thanks, yes all brush painted by hand.
  3. fshng2

    Dragon Diver .jpg

    A slice taken from a wine cork, folded and glued over a hook makes the Diver Head.
  4. Anyone have a suggestion for a dye part# for dying the color lavendar? Not interested in Rit or cool-aid. Thanks
  5. Nice work, congratulations to everyone and thanks to LPO for making this possible.
  6. Quite an undertaking to roll your own blanks. Do you make blanks for a living?
  7. Alot of lure builders use a BBQ rotisserie. Plenty of torque and nice slow speed, like it was made for us... ha!
  8. Of the three bags, I like the last the best. In a word "Solid" design. With two straps and two tie downs the contents should stay in their place much better.
  9. Nice work, something you might want to add to both sides. I have a soft tackle bag that has a thin bungee cord sewn in on the top flap to create a loop. The loop attaches below over a button. It's easy to attach especially out in the elements when it's windy and cold and fingers aren't as nimble.
  10. Wow nice work. How long did it take to carve? Wow nice work. How long did it take you to carve?
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