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  1. I helped D&L out a few years ago. You are correct that all three colors are Natures Edge. I can tell you the name of the color but here is the recipe based on Skirts Plus color numbers. I build about 1000/month for my stuff. Oops: 22 (1 tab)- NE717 11 (1/2 tab)- NE715 11 (1/2 tab)- NE701
  2. BLT, how do you transfer the thread to smaller spools? Or do you just work off of the large spool? I bought some but need to transfer to smaller spools to tie with.
  3. If you use Skirts Plus the following is the recipe for the Missouri Craw here locally. 22- FG238 22- BW15 5- NS904
  4. My set up was rather cheap to build. I use electro-static powder.y booths are built out of duct work. Right at 3'x3' box. One side cut out and a hole in the bottom and top. My vent system runs out the top and the bottom hole is covered until I need to reclaim paint. I hang jigs on a 1/4 x 1/4 square tube that has 1/8" holes drilled at 1 inch spacing. Hook points go into hole and then covered with aluminum angle that has foam tape on the inside. Foam tape covers the hook bend and shank during paint. Ground is connected to the three aluminum angles attached to inside of box. Load jigs onto bars,
  5. If it helps, the Pro Tec Grn. Pump and Brown are RAL colors which are pretty universal to all powder companies. I use Prismatic myself. Grn. Pump- RAL 6014 Brown- RAL 8011 This will give you a starting point as to which color would be darker as you go up or down the scale.
  6. Just wanted to say hi. I was a member here years ago but for some reason forgot about the site and hadn't been on for several years. I'm a jig maker that enjoys it simply for building. I do fish competitively and build for several anglers locally as well as a couple on the Elite Series. Most of my stuff is production run using a spin caster and vulcanized molds. Looking forward to all the great info on this site.
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