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  1. I will try and contact them. I looked through the web site but, didn’t see anything close. there is a mold maker cnc-works on eBay that I sworn had one very similar but, now I don’t see it. there is way more than enough of a market fir these. I might have to just develop a prototype and go from there. I don’t have a spin cast machine though. Just my lee electric ladle
  2. I need a couple molds to produce a 3/4-1 oz walleye jigs ( see picture). I want the jig to look like the picture but, bigger. Do-it does not produce the walleye jig in that size. 5/8 is the largest size in the mold I currently have. I understand it’s going to be more money, like possibly $200-300. Who do you suggest I go through? I need it to make jigs for the Detroit river next spring. The molds would have paid for them selfs already if I had them. im hoping after this next order to have made enough profit to buy them and not use my own money.
  3. Ok thank you. I will get a hold of them. I had 8 bad total and I believe they shorted me 4-5 hooks also.
  4. Mbirdsley

    Bad hooks

    So I had a customer order 100 1/2 oz sickle walleye jigs. The hooks are eagle claws. I go to start pouring them and right off the bat I find 5 hooks that didn’t have the hook eyes formed. I bought from LPO. Is this normal or just the nature of the beast? I guess I should order more than 100 hooks at a time. Luckily the customer agreed to sub in 5 Mustad black nickel hooks
  5. That’s just what the customer wanted. I guess I could have steered him towards disco orange. Eventually I’d have to learn how to do it any how
  6. Thanks, things had started out slow. However, within the last 4 days I’ve sold 100 jigs. Hopefully I’m making more than what I owe in taxes. I still need to get with the tax lady. I was waiting for tax season to be done. I had been kicking around this idea for a while and finally found a job that would allow me to do it. As soon as I get the courage up I’m going to go hit some bait stores up . Bass jigs have been slow but, the season is young. Walleye jigs are going like gang busters. I figured I’d have local sales but, All if mine have been out of state
  7. Your right. I think I was imagining problems that weren’t there as this was my first big sale.
  8. Your right I have no idea what the actual temp is. It’s a 30 dollar one from Walmart that I bought almost ten years ago. So who knows what it’s actually at. when I get more money coming in I will buy a better toaster oven so I did make more jigs. Heating them up just so the paints gets dull did get rid of the running problem. I re-dipped in the candy orange twice after the white. Candy orange was still light after curing. So heated them up again for 4 seconds on each side and re dipped another 2 coats. After the 2nd curing they looked good. So I’m at least on the right track now. So I totally re-learned on the fly how to powder paint in the fly . However it all came out good the candy orange ones are top right. These just went out to Wisconsin. I originally messaged the guy to tell him I needed an extra day due to the issues with the candy orange and needing the time for the epoxy to cure. They guy was so impressed after I showed him the picture he bought 20 more. the 30 minute thing came from a you tube video and basic premise was lower temp longer time as to not discolor the hooks. It is probably to long. When I cured the last batch I did kicked the temp up to 300 for 20 minutes
  9. Next time I make jigs which, is hopefully soon. I will cut the heating time as you guys have suggested. Thanks
  10. It is a short time frame. I only mix a little up at a time. Maybe a dime size dollop of resin and hardener. I can usually get 5-6 jigs out of it before it starts setting up
  11. It’s shiny. I held it over the heat gun for a 15 count. White I dipped once. the orange twice because, I didn’t think the orange was dark enough I have this issue also when I use make up brushes for the 2nd color around the eye. Any where else on the jig I don’t have an issue so maybe next time I’ll cut how long I heat the jig
  12. Devcon 2 tom epoxy. As long as it is mixed right it is simple to apply and works well. If the jig does chip. The chip is isolated to a little spot instead of taking a bunch of paint with it.
  13. So I am having issue with paint running from the eye of the hook. When using a base coat and than another color on top of. I’ve tried adjusting curing times and it helps only a little bit. in the photo example I used a white base coat. Let it cooled and than re heated up with heat gun and than re applied candy orange. Also, it looks like my candy orange is migrating down the while curing. I’m using the clamps from tj’s tackle. Would that be from curing to long? I do a lot of disco colors for walleye. I’ve found for the disco colors it’s best to do at 275 for 30 minutes. I’ve been applying that to all of my jigs to cure
  14. I installed fast eddy bearings ( which aren't as good ceramics but, better than stock) in my slx and it did gain a bit of casting distance. I’m actually replacing the bushing in the slx with another bearing from fast Eddie’s. Like I said they are not as good as ceramics but, you get 8-10 of them for $12.99 and they come with removable rubber seals on the sides. I went this route for my sub $120 bait casters IE black maxx, pfluegar supreme, Quantum accurist, and slx. More expensive than that I’d probably spend the money on ceramics.
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