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  1. Thank you for your time and expertise. I am ordering the owner 5318 today.
  2. I am looking for a 3/0 hook to pour finesse football jigs. Please share your experience with premium hooks that will fit this mold. FBW-4-AF FB Jig mold
  3. When attempting to remove the tip from my Iwata CR airbrush, i twisted the top of the tip off leaving the threaded portion in the airbrush. Any advice on getting out so I can put the replacement tip in ?
  4. I ordered a dozen from Cedar Run yesterday. Thank you for the recommendation. I would like to order the eyes posted by 21XDC. Which size fits the Cedar Run cr60 blank
  5. Where is the best place to find those blanks?
  6. I have a Badger soltar 20/20 that has performed flawlessly for just over a year. It has begun intermittently spitting paint and air seems to escape around the nozzle and behind the trigger when back flushing. I have soaked it in restorer and didn't notice a change. Please help a newbie out with some advice.
  7. I used the resources that were already listed as well as an article by Bassdozer.
  8. Never mind I found a resource to answer my questions.
  9. I am wanting to order componets for my high school bass club kids to build 3/8 and 1/2 oz spinnerbaits. What size ball bearing swivels, clevises and beads should I order for these size baits ? What are the most common blade sizes for double willow and dbl colorado baits ?
  10. We all get frustrated when we don't get the service we expect when ordering blanks. (myself included} I wanted to take a minute to thank Get Bit Custom Baits and Dinger Baits for always giving excellent service to customers and providing top quality blanks. You are appreciated and noticed for the pride you show in what you do.
  11. The eagle has landed. Or In this case , the spider. Thank you all for the recommendations. I am very pleased with the new vice.
  12. Looks like I'm going with the Odyssey Spider. I need one of you guys to tell my wife to order one now. She is very excited because she never knows what to get for my birthday at the end of April. Looks like the spider will land at the end of April. Happy Wife Happy life
  13. Thank you to each of you gentlemen for taking the time to help me sort through my options. It looks like I have some shopping to do!
  14. I have been tying jigs on a hand me down vise for a year now. It is not great at holding 3/0 and larger jig hooks and does not rotate. I would like to upgrade to a rotating model to tie bass jigs from size 1 fine wire to 5/0 heavy wire hooks. Most of The information I came up with searching the forum was several years old. Please help out with recommendations in the $100 ballpark.
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