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  1. It's been a couple years since I've seen them available. I had been ordering them and then got a bad batch where the weight was halved. After that, I was told the mold broke and they won't be in production again.
  2. So I finally got some details hammered out with a local scheels store to start carrying some of my lures. I ordered some clear boxes of various sizes. The problem I’m running into is getting the insert made. I basically just need my logo and some space to write the color and style of lure. Any ideas of a print shop that makes something like this?
  3. Feel free to make some for the fatbelly lipless crank!
  4. I've racked my brain more than I should have to not come up with a range hood for ventilation. What an awesome idea. I've went through inline duct fans, box fan in the window, open window and currently have two computer fans propping the window open. Either way, dipping kbs with a mask on and the fans in the window just don't clear out the fumes. Did you have to wire in the range hood or do they make plug in varieties
  5. After a batch is done, I pull all the wire hangers and use a small wire cutter to basically score the base of the hanger. Then I use my smallest drill bit to drill out the hook hanger. Some baits, like jackal tn60 and live target golden shiners, have really shallow hangers so you have to be careful not to hit the paint/bait.
  6. I use a 4mm eye for flicker shad's
  7. drdmh

    1/2oz Classic Twin Spin

    You willing to do some of these for me?
  8. drdmh

    Spraying KBS

    I've ordered some blanks from phil before. I'll drop him a line. When are you guys going to come out with a lipless blank for us walleye guys?!
  9. drdmh

    Spraying KBS

    I hear ya. I've looked at the two part urethanes as well. KBS is a little more spendy per volume but I figured I could just keep it to one type of topcoat. I appreciate the insight.
  10. drdmh

    Spraying KBS

    I'm already using a respirator when dipping lures and spoons. I would shoot this in the detached garage with plenty of cross ventilation. Since I'm already using kbs as the final top coat, why the two part urethane? And thanks in advance, DingerBaits
  11. drdmh

    Spraying KBS

    I've made the switch to KBS last fall and production time really has increased for me. I'm getting the the point where I'd consider myself a high-volume painter and every step counts when trying to get baits to customers, especially the ones that wait til the last minute to order. Although KBS cures quickly and is virtually dummy-proof, I can still see where some steps can me eliminated that are causing time delays. For instance, I have to clean the hook hangers after each coat so it doesn't build up enough to peel paint. I think spraying kbs would help eliminate that and speed up my production. So my question is, who is spraying KBS and what are you using for a ratio? I figure I'll just get an small volume HVLP detail airbrush and get things started. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. I don't have exact measurements but I do use some createx thinner with it. Start with 2.5 oz of white, dump 10 g of powder (or start smaller), and thin to a proper consistency. I do have to bump my air pressure up a bit to pass the particles through a .3 mm tip on my iwata hp-cs.
  13. I'm thinking something similar to an RJ spoon. bigger profile but lighter. I'd probably still touch that 3/8 oz mark rather than 1/2 oz.
  14. I have a separate bottle of it mixed that I spray on. Three coats seems to do the trick. Then I paint my patterns. I top coat with kbs or e-tex depending on how much time I have to finish the lure.
  15. I'm looking for a line on light weight flutter spoons for mainly ice fishing application. I've checked hagen's but their website leave something to be desired. Anyone else have a favorite ice spoon?
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