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  1. Does anyone here have an idea of the cap size of the MF manufacturing colorant bottles? I’m tired of loosing those tiny red caps! So I want to order the Yorker twist caps to replace them. Any help would be awesome. Thanks again guys
  2. That color kinda looks similar to the lureworks chameleon dye 154 that I have. But not sure. Goodluck! That worm looks awesome
  3. I send you a pm for both molds
  4. How many cavity’s no ddo you have any pics you can send me
  5. Rip to a legend! Thank u bear for all u did for us bait makers
  6. Can you post some pictures?
  7. What brand plastic do you use? Maybe change to a different brand.
  8. I like deadon for hand pouring and bait plastics for injection
  9. Wow it looks totally different now? Hmmmmm???????
  10. Anyone know if angling A.i. is still selling there c block for the bass tackle twin injector? I searched there website but didn’t see it on there.
  11. There’s a newer company out called epic molds anyone order from them as of yet?
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