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  1. any alternite way than through wires for balsa? any tips for making though wires? anything would be apreciated.
  2. thanks for the advice, i will be spraying mostly water based paint so does that mean i dont need an air dryer, oisture trap, etc? thanks again
  3. if i buy an individual airbrush, what about a compressor? does it have to be specifically for an airbrush?do i need to rig it up a certain way if its not? sorry for my lack of knowlege. LOL
  4. Lately ive been looking into some airbrushes, ive looked at the 100 dollar kits that come with compressors, paint, hose, etc but most of them have very unpleasant reviews, ranging from the product doesnt even work, to the product is not detailed enough, does anyone have any recommendations on a reletively cheap brush and compressor?
  5. Recently ive been looking for an airbrush and compressor that are pretty good but wont break the bank. Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. i recently just got into fly fishing, i curently have a wright and mcgill fly setup and i would soon like to uprgade. i looked around orvis and sage but their prices are through the roof (rightfully). I just started throwing flies and dont really want to spend that much money yet. I like to work with my hands so it would be fine to get a setup and refurbish it or have to fix a few things. does anyone know of any older fly rods and reels that i could look for?
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