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  1. Painted these for a friend who is going to be using them in Boswana on Lake Letsibogo.
  2. Offshore G

    Red breasted Talapia

    These are common bait fish in South African waters
  3. Offshore G

    Barfish (yellow bass)

    Here's another fist bump! This is awesome!!!
  4. Offshore G


    This is very cool, great work
  5. So Ive been testing the PUD water based urethane and Ive found for topwater baits it works just fine. With the topwater baits obviously not bashing against rocks etc all the time it seems to work quite well........ I have now just discovered spraying on 2K automotive clear coat and I am loving the results. Cleaning the airgun after is a bit of a mission but I am happy with the outcome.
  6. Its spawn this side in South Africa and there will be lots of fingerlings soon, this should be a good representation of that.....
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