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  1. I am trying to paint this pattern and I’m struggling to get the effect of when you turn the bait it changes from white to a baby blue. Anyone know how to do this? This is a Megabass color called French Vanilla
  2. Buyer beware went round and round with this guy for three months over stencils i ordered.was hard to contact and when i did still got no results after giving him my address three times.and on my last conversation with him he said he sent the product and was done with me. well i still never recieved my stencils and was out 30$.
  3. Please tired of the devcon blues!
  4. I use an Iwata Eclipse duel action and love it.It paints all types of lines from fine to larger lines. The big key to me is air pressure I operate from 10 to 20 psi. there a little pricey but worth every penny.
  5. sswilson1964

    Mud bug

    Nice work. great detail.
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