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  1. I am looking for some unpainted ultra minnow jig heads. Looking to make up some bucktails in my free time this winter. Thanks and im open to all offers!
  2. DylanKremer

    Airbrushing Lot

    Comes with Air master Airbrush and 25 psi compressor. Moisture Trap and 6ft air hose included. Airbrush Cleaning Pot included All Createx Panits and Comm-Arts Paints only. All are ~3/4 to 7/8 Full Comes with 2 used Sheets of Boss 3d Lure eyes Crank-bait packaging also included. PAYPAL Accepted. Message with any questions
  3. http://www.btsmolds.com/minnows/4-minnow Lightly used mold makes great baits. Paypal for payments. Message if you have any questions.
  4. This classified features soft plastic making gear I own. Molds are lightly used and in great condition I'm asking about 1/2 price of what i paid for everything! Here's what I am selling! (PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE) 3.5" MAD DAD Craw- $25 4 Cavity 5" Senko-$20 Feel free to message me if you have you have any questions! Payments preferred through PayPal Tight Lines!
  5. This is an unused unopened new product I purchased this 20 lb kit of Vac 50 which is used to make cold cast injection molds. This is also know as cold casting aluminum. The kit retails for 128.20 plus shipping. Thats what I paid for it. Im asking for 70 shipped to you any questions feel free to ask! Link to products page: https://www.makelure.com/store/p/1056-Vac-Master-50.aspx make sure you click on 20 lb kit
  6. Hey guys so recently i have been looking at both types of Doit-Molds Plastisol. Ive read both descriptions and they dont seem to have many differences. Which one do you all prefer? Im assuming the Crystal Clear is going to be better?
  7. Hey there all, im currently wanting to get started in making my own baits! Ive researched this thoroughly, however i still have a question avout protection. Since this stuff gets extremly hot, is it worth it to buy something like a welding apron, or do you think a long sleeve shit alone will do the trick. I dont plan on accidents happening, but yet again, they are accidents! What do you guys wear when you pour. My Plan: Saftey Glasses Cotton Mill Gloves Jeans Long Sleeve Shirt Apron???????
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