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  1. I'm sorry...Lureworks... the Spike It Company
  2. Does anyone paint their plastics with this paint? My concern is when does the odor go away?
  3. I don't know about the Daiwa, but the SLX has a fast set of bearing in it. I feel Shimano's ARB bearings are as smooth and fast as Boca' s for a little less coin...If you want the SLX to cast farther, take the spool bearings out, soak them in Brakleen and reinstall with no oil...they will be noisy and wear out faster....but spin like crazy...do not soak ARB's in any solvent based cleaner...
  4. Nope never got a reply from Lure Pats Online....huh..
  5. Anyone know which Mudhole guides match the ones on an old Carrot Stick E21? Their catalog is so big now, I lose my patience trying to eyeball guides....Thanks...
  6. This stuff worked.....


  7. I did e-mail them....I'm thinking silicone adhesive applied very carefully....


    Just bought some unpainted fake whopper ploppers from Lure Parts Online...They send the lure with the soft silicone tail unattached, I assume for easier painting. Does anyone know what glue to use to reattach the tails once painted. I tried regular model glue, but doesn't stick to the silicone...not to many glues will stick to the soft silicone other than silicone adhesive, but the smell....
  9. Thanks...I figured it out...the part with the yoke rails was installed incorrectly, the screw heads were not allowing the yoke to fully seat..I usually mark them before I take them and the pinion bearing out to make sure it is orientated the same direction.


    That is a copy of Sebiles Yellow Tilapia...hard to find color I was told....
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