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  1. That's very interesting I didn't know that I'm more for the yellow Chartreuse
  2. was looking for a recipe for the color chartreuse went through the cook book and did a search too if any one could help me it would be appreciated thanks
  3. is there a way to bookmark a topic so it's easy to find or get to it easily again?
  4. just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the help in finding these lure turners it's bought the subject up again and has helped me immensely to figure out how i want to go.
  5. I did a search and noting came up except this one my fault for not noticing it was so old and you can't search lure rotisserie when you don't realize you can use a rotisserie motor as the power which i found on another site. Thanks for the info on the PM i'm still new to these forums
  6. dpalinsk would love a copy of the pdf file if you could email me my address is wayne.hackett@nc.rr.com thanks wayne
  7. Apdriver if it's not a lot of trouble I would appreciate it if you would do that so I had an idea what you did. Thanks a lot for the help Wayne
  8. Can anyone help me find or get plans for a lure turner to be used as top coat is drying Have searched site and nothing comes up. I know there were plans on here a few years ago but none show up now Thanks for the help from anyone
  9. Gone2long where is shapeways? Is that a web site.?
  10. I use the Iwata Revolution -Br. with the 3.0 tip allows me to do what ever I need.
  11. whackett

    Flex Coat

    I've been using it for awhile though not like you do. Just 2 coats at the end. I'll have to try it like you do as that sounds ideal. I like the idea of the depth being added by the multiple coats.
  12. whackett

    Flex Coat

    Just wondering if anyone here uses Flex Coat as their epoxy coat. And if not why?
  13. With the Golden paints I don't need to use any restorer.
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