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  1. May I ask where you order/buy the G10 and lexan from?
  2. Thank you very much I might try making some lips of my own it would save me some money in the long run if it ends up working out.
  3. Well I tried all 3 lips at both angles and I came to the conclusion the longer ones are better at a shallower angle so that's why there at two different angles. How do you suggest starting out making my own lips? What material and how do I cut them?
  4. Ya I actually just tested 2 lures that I drilled a hole in the bellys and put a split shot in and the action was phenomenal. I just can't seem to get the right placement or amount of ballast on the lures with the longer lips to get them to dive deep enough..
  5. The ones to the left have the 3/4" lip, the ones in the middle have the rounded 1 1/16" lip and the ones to the rightmost have the 1 1/2" lip
  6. The baits are 3 11/16" long and just under 1/2" wide, like I said no ballast and I use 3 different lips the top lures are 3/4" long with a slightly rounded end, those lips I put at a bout a 40 degree angle and the middle lures have a 1 1/16" lip that's rounded and I mount that at a 20 degree angle, the bottom lures have a 1 1/2" lip that is slightly rounded also at a 20 degree angle. The line tie is also close to the lips. The problem I'm having is as the lures swim the have very slight side to side action but they always vear to one side and don't retrieve straight to you, also as they go through the the water occasionally the lip just drags to one side and the lure has absolutely no action.
  7. Hey guys, new here. I am having problems with my lures not swimming straight and not having a nice wiggle. I have been doing a lot of testing and can't figure out if it is the shape of the bills, angle of bills, position of line tie etc. the type of bills that I use are circuit board from Jann's netcraft, and my lures are carved from poplar and I do not weight them. I have been making lures for about 3 years now and I'm starting to get into it where I want all my lures to perform great and can make them all the same but can't find the right lip angle, line tie position, and ballast placement, I can send pictures of the lures if needed, please help
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