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  1. Thanks Dale ....it's definitely an ongoing process !!! Here's a different angle where you can see the dorsal side and the greenish color better .... http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/gallery/image/16051-rainbow-trout-swimbait-dorsal-view/ I think for the next ones I'll layer in some more grays and silver, as well as "muting" the belly and sides a bit more so they aren't quite as bold. Practice, practice, practice....
  2. My basic rainbow trout pattern (which is ever evolving) http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/gallery/image/16050-rainbow-trout-swimbait/ White White pearl Medium gray on back Pink or fuschia stripe Gold/green transparent over grey Faskolor faschange blue over the whole thing Paynes gray for the spots As I say, this is ever evolving, but that's how I did this latest one Hope it helps
  3. ACarrell

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    Super nice work !
  4. ACarrell


    Great looking lure !
  5. ACarrell


    Thanks for the kind words !
  6. ACarrell

    Barfish (yellow bass)

    Thanks Offshore G !
  7. Hi Mark! I don't have it on me right now to measure, but I believe it's in the 2 1/4 - 2 1/2 inches range. It's a smaller sized crank bait. Runs real nice though.
  8. BQ22 I just picked up some Golden Interference green the other day ...really wonderful paint
  9. ACarrell


    Looks really good. Great color and stripes. I personally would add some orange to the bottom, but perch look different in different areas. Great work !
  10. Just a little crank bait I made from PVC. Moves a lot like a wiggle wart in the water.

    © AC2016

  11. I made another PVC crank bait yesterday. I'm really enjoying this material. Thanks for the suggestion, guys!
  12. Here is a quick video that has a few seconds of the lure swimming. Here is a quick video that has a few seconds of the lure swimming.
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