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  1. I tie the tails first and I use a "open" pour mold so before I heat the mold the tails are added in to the liquid that way their molded in and dont come out
  2. FishTalesCustoms

    IMG 6386

    my own Fluke style bait, the plastic is a formula made for me that comes liquid like milk and hardens as it's heated. this allows me to make them super soft but still very tough. I add a marabou tail and the eyes are attached by 60lb mono run thru the head
  3. customer asked if I could do his reel to match the bait he ordered. my Golden Crappie pattern
  4. thank you. i've started doing some of them in "Ginei's" style that are the coolest things ever by far, but they don't photo well ! :-(
  5. this is one of my Triple Threat Perch spinnerbaits. all raw parts from LPO
  6. colors hues, flow, and shading in the style of some of the exotic work that i've seen from the Japanese artists
  7. FishTalesCustoms

    Mouse Fly

    my first try tying a top water mouse. ears and tail are leather with deer hair glued on to complete look
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