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  1. 1. Depends on your cost, overhead, packaging, etc. Work out a good business plan & talk to suppliers about bulk pricing. Go as far as writing up and negotiating contracts. 2. Don't use names other companies use. If using off the shelf molds from the usual mold markers that everyone else is using, some of the newer ones are running in the grey area with their designs. Stay away from any of the mold makers in the Ukraine. Most if not all the ones they're machining infringe on U.S. patents. If you start designing your own baits & get molds machined, always consult with a patent attorney. This will save you money in the long run. 3. Talk to an accountant that specializes in manufacturing businesses & go to your local tax office. In the long run, it's always best to have an accountant to take care of everything. Yes, it's going to cost more but well worth it.
  2. Sorry, not a fan of the off-set designs. They create hot spots & aren't consistent.
  3. How do you keep the mixing blades from hitting the injectors?
  4. When we use injectors, we'll use canola oil cooking spray to lube them. Vegetable oil cooking spray will work but may get sticky over time, canola oil don't get the sticky residue.
  5. Yep, Lureworks Green Pumpkin SP 156 is the green pumpkin brown Zoom uses.
  6. Try Print-A-Lure www.palmolds.com
  7. Unless it's water soluble, it's pretty much useless. Fish will pick-up a few scent particles when they grab the bait but that's about it. Oil base scent is there to catch the fishermen.
  8. BTS 706 is as close as you're going to get without infringing on the patent.
  9. We use clamshell packaging from eclamshell.com
  10. That first color is the original MF brown grape. Lureworks chameleon has more of a redish purple color for the base color.
  11. I agree as well. Really wouldn't worry about any bubbles, fish don't care & would never notice.
  12. Until they offer it at a manufacturing quantity & cost, is isn't worth it for me to try it.
  13. It shoots great! Has a lot of action with the wide ribbon but the down fall is that the wide ribbon tail catches a lot of air on the cast & doesn't go very far. If you're not making very far casts, then it's a really good bait.
  14. We use the old Bears Bait mixers. We have at least three pots & two mixers at each work station. You do have to shut them off when drawing plastic. Throwing plastic back in isn't a problem. What we do is wait toward the end of the run & throw all the plastic pieces back into the pot & let it remelt. As far as dual injectors, the bass tackle works with two pots sitting side by side.
  15. Right now we're doing the same as you. We have multiple work stations set up with presto pots & mixers going all at once. Our problem is with laminate colors. We have some production molds that take 20+ ounces to shoot. Shooting laminates with our custom injectors with the presto pots is a pain. We're hoping with the Hot Runner Machine we can keep it fed with plastic running in the presto pots & be able to shoot the larger production molds a lot easier. Other than that, the presto pots with mixers still work great for solid colors.
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