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  1. We use the old Bears Bait mixers. We have at least three pots & two mixers at each work station. You do have to shut them off when drawing plastic. Throwing plastic back in isn't a problem. What we do is wait toward the end of the run & throw all the plastic pieces back into the pot & let it remelt. As far as dual injectors, the bass tackle works with two pots sitting side by side.
  2. Right now we're doing the same as you. We have multiple work stations set up with presto pots & mixers going all at once. Our problem is with laminate colors. We have some production molds that take 20+ ounces to shoot. Shooting laminates with our custom injectors with the presto pots is a pain. We're hoping with the Hot Runner Machine we can keep it fed with plastic running in the presto pots & be able to shoot the larger production molds a lot easier. Other than that, the presto pots with mixers still work great for solid colors.
  3. Don't know about the Jacobs machine but we have a modified two color Hot Runner on order from www.hotrunnermachines.com
  4. The sparkle violet .015 in smoke is one of our top selling colors & one of my personal favorites to fish. I've tried some of the sparkle green but it isn't as heat resistant as the violet. The sparkle violet usually holds up well through a gallon run but the green not so much.
  5. Even for a business they're not offering any higher quantities other than the 1 gallon jars. Thought about incorporating it into a few of our bait designs but not if they're only doing the 1 gallon jars.
  6. FM Bait CO. in Leitchfield, KY. They don't have a website that I know of. I'm pretty sure they do the same 1000ct. per color minimum. This is their phone # that I found on google (270) 230-8815
  7. It will be released at ICAST. All I can say is that it can not be heated in a microwave.
  8. If you're going into it as a business, the up front cost is going to be a lot in order to be competitive. You'll never make enough to make it worth your time if you just have a few cavities of a off the shelf design & getting plastic by the 1-5 gallons.
  9. Yep, BTS made the molds for Yum. He has a lot of the designs available on his website.
  10. Just pulled the trigger on the Hot Runner Machine. They're gonna do the modifications we need to fit our process.
  11. I guess not so much since no reply?
  12. How well will they hold up running 8-10 hours a day, 5 days a week?
  13. hpssports


    This is our Live Action Craw. When we designed this one, we added raised ridges off the the claw edges for extreme flapping action. The claw tips were also widened to catch water for a quicker response. With the body, we designed it with a 3/8" thickness for increased hook sets when fished on a Texas rig, but still thick enough to work great as a jig trailer. We can hand inject these in solid colors, laminates, or in swirls as you can see here in our KLR color.
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