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  1. Before and after, pike trauma. I go through about 30 of these a summer but mostly from cut offs.
  2. It all depends on what you preffer I guess. Etex is softer then other clears so it's good for smashing rocks but not so good with pike teeth. I have done hot coats 12-24 hours in between and they become one coat. I've done coats with no sanding 48-60 hours apart and achieved multiple thin layers. Personally I preffer the multiple layers flexabilty opposed to one thick layer. After a few dozen pike your bait will be trashed anyway thick or thin.
  3. I fish my lures on lake of the woods using etex also. Unfortunately not much you can do to prevent the chips unless you switch to a harder clear coat like kbs. I coat my lures 2 times and 3- 4 times for muskie and pike baits. 48 hours apart no sanding. I find this develops multiple layers, any less then 48 it becomes one coat.
  4. I front know personally but last I heard they needed some minor changes. The thing with pre orders is the company in China does not work out all the bugs before they make the sale. I have never received a pre-order on time no matter where I ordered from. Better you get a working lure late then a dud early right?
  5. Yeah only the first part of the message was for you. Sorry for the confusion. * For anyone having issues contacting Avidbass: i have his number if people need it, but best email avidbass first and he will respond as he goes through the hundreds hes dealing with. I know a lot of people were calling and making a huge fuss about 3 bait orders of 8 bucks or so, which is ridiculous. Not saying those people are lesser on the totem pole but if it were my business I would probably be getting caught up on the big orders first.
  6. It is just himself filling orders so you can imagine how busy he can get. As for the vacation he took he is doing his best to catch up with everyone after being gone for 8 days. Be patient, but i did need to call him numerous times.
  7. I didn't get a reply for a week or so. They will reply, and are very helpful.
  8. About 15 minutes a side to scale. Stuff sticks like crazy, probably don't need to clear coat over but I like my baits to last real long time so will be coating. Do no peel them off unless the clear has fully cured.
  9. So here they are no fish eyes so maybe I just have really clean hands.
  10. Yes wtp is what I'm using and mentioned many times already. Thanks
  11. Email, WTP they will help you out. They sent me some samples of the materials I wished to see and a book. I took pearls which were not foils. It depends on how you paint, if you foil then paint , ghost or solid colours. Our many variables, but they had tons of colours in the book I didn't see online or at least didn't notice until I saw them in hand. The book has small tabs of the material in its so you can't go wrong. Once I play with what I have I'll be ordering more, it's good stuff and easy to work with.
  12. I had them mail me a book of all colour they carry . Could not see online so I just guessed what I could use, the book helps though. I'm not worried about the extex on the second coat because I clean my hands with sanitizer, have never had a fish eye that I know of, I don't want to clean the bait with alcohol but I may be the best idea. I'll be fishing this lure so if it doesn't work I guess I'll have to scale them and clean them. Omg crazy steps for one lure, 18 to 20 scales a side I really don't know what a fish eye is I'm assuming a spot that doesn't take epoxy from oils stuck on the
  13. It's more of a adhesive vynil I got from WTP INC, I have a bunch of different types. Will post more as I work with it, just started punching then scales this morning. These ones are trans holographic and go with my ghost pattern I use in our crystal clear lakes.
  14. Haha yeah don't worry Im very good with mechanical applications but no so good with computers. Hope the light is ok but here is a sneak peak at my lake trout bait
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