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  1. how do you get that cool crackling effect on your paint?
  2. bigblue2


    have not taken to lake to test but i have put it into a 5-gallon pail and it slowly sinks and suspends
  3. does anyone know how long will a bottle of imported uv resin will still be good to use i have a bottle that is around a year old and half gone but i am trying to use it but takes forever to cure?
  4. how about using jb weld steel reinforced epoxy will that hold for lighter lure blanks?
  5. bigblue2


    hello ryan nice looking lure how did you carve such detail into it some chisels or dremel tool?
  6. cool rberta looks like your off to a good start lure looks really good for your first attempt at turning a lure!
  7. bigblue2


    here is a pic of a topwater lure blank hope you all like it
  8. i have some 4.5"flat side wood blanks cedar,oak,and pine cut outs!
  9. hi jason i just use 2-ultra violet flood bulbs on flexable fixtures and shine them on the lure blanks on a spiked board with cut off nails works very well only takes a few minutes to cure by rotating them on all sides
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