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  1. Try BTS molds 508 creature mold
  2. Im not sure on the comparison, but this pic shows the color. Hope it helps
  3. The dowel worked for me and I also made a dowel out of silicone that worked better because the gun could grab it better. But you are right , I envisioned its abilities to be more than I could get it to do.
  4. Try a wooden dowel behind the stick, or make a dowel out of a harder and more heat resistant material?
  5. Vac 50 will work fine for what you are wanting to do. I have used it and have made a few injection molds out of it. I have used a few things for making the boxes to pour into... corrugated plastic (cardboard made of plastic), lexan cut to make the size boxes I need and also legos. The kids are all grown and I had a bunch laying around so with those you can make any size box you need and dont have all the materials for the boxes laying around after your done. Just clean them up a little and put them back into a plastic container. You will want to use some type of release agent on your boxes and the item you are replicating. If not both will be a loss. 1. Prepare box to the size you need, hot glue the box to a smooth hard surface (lexan is good)- make sure you have depth for both halves of the mold that you will create. The first one I did I didnt make the two halves of the mold thick enough, dont skimp on material. 2. Spray release into box, and brush onto bait 3. mix your vac 50 (comes in two container) and pour into box 4. brush vac 50 onto the back of what you are making so that you dont get air bubbles in the mold under the bait 5. settle the bait into the vac 50 so that you have half of the bait in the vac 50, let cure just a little bit and push something like a dowel into different spots in the vac 50 for making sure the two halves will go together properly when the mold is done and let sit over night. 6. Clean up top half of bait and whatever you need in the vac 50 7. Spray the top of the first half and bait with release and pour vac 50 on top. Let sit till cured. You may have a little hassle getting the two halves apart but once you do your good. Just take you time at it, they will come apart. Good Luck
  6. tigar321


    I didnt talk with him but they just shipped out molds to me yesterday afternoon, so they are there.
  7. tigar321

    Ultra Molds

    Im just a little north of Ann Arbor, I also spend a fair amount of time in the GR area.
  8. tigar321

    Ultra Molds

    Ultra is ultra quick! Ordered 8 molds on Feb 1 and delivered to MICHIGAN on the 4th. Great work and I cant wait to shoot them...
  9. The cup that went on me last week was Anchor, no more than two weeks old and I had hardly had time to get it dirty. I think I may have used it twice previous but had not dropped it or given it any reason on my part to have been cracked. Just gave me an eye opener when it went off 13 hours after use, just sitting on the counter. As smallmouth stated it was in about a 3ft radius too This subject raises this question for me... who is wearing safety glasses, who is wearing goggles, is anyone using a face shield? Are safety glasses good enough if you do happen to get THE BOMB and maybe plastic in the face?
  10. Thanks Mark, I just couldnt get past the thought of thinner... BUT, I should be all set on glass now and probably will add some of the thinner stuff to try to.
  11. Your bluntness is pardoned, but the PUN on the COST savings was my eyes and face, and nothing to do with $$. Described earlier in the thread, I had one blow up last weekend and was enlightened right away, and replaced immedaitely. Im sure when you were getting started you jumped right into borosilicate and never used pyrex or dont have any now? We are all here to learning or teach I assume. Being blunt, I would try and read the entire threads before being sarcastic but again maybe you missed it.
  12. I did purchase the Arcuisine Borosilicate Glass (basically shaped like pyrex) and was debating on the beaker style before purchase. Figured the cost now might be less PAINFUL!
  13. I didnt go with the beaker style boro glass, due to the thin glass. My question is.... has anyone seen any issues with using it and is there an advantage to going to it? I assume it would cool quicker and didnt want that.
  14. Poured till around midnight this past weekend, left the 1 cup Pyrex sitting on the counter. Came back to the garage the next day (13 hours later) and was working on something else on the other side of the garage. I heard what sounded like someone had dropped a bottle and broke it, and to my surprise it was the Pyrex shattered all over my work area and floor. Man, was I glad that didn't happen while I was open pouring the previous night. By the way the Pyrex new and only used a few times AND I ordered borosilicate cups right away!
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