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  1. Bringing this one back to life. Does anyone know what these are made of?
  2. Dink, that is exactly what mine are doing. Guess I will be giving BP a try.
  3. Is the durability of Bait Plastics better than DOP? Ive noticed if i leave a DOP bait rigged it will split. Both Worm and Swimbait blends I get rid of the bubbles in DOP by heating to 350°+, let the bubbles rise, then repeat till most of the bubbles are gone. Usually 2 reheats.
  4. Well, I got the main color close with Green Pumpkin, Orange and Watermelon but as soon as I put green highlight in it (no mater how little), It brightens and clouds the main color. The more I look at my sample, the more I think they use an ultra fine glitter or a pearl instead of hi-lite.
  5. Thanks yall. I will try it this weekend and report back.
  6. Try as I may I can't get the top color right. Started with LW Carolina Pumpkin and green hi-lite, and it's not dark enough. Added small amount of black, threw the shade off. Ordered LW mint brown, no where close. It looks to be a transparent brown with green hi-lite but on the orange side. All the browns I find have too much red. Any suggestions?
  7. Has anyone used Lusreworks 192 Arkansas Shiner? If so, how close is it to Zooms Arkansas Shiner?
  8. I'm ya huckleberry. Also, how would one achieve the top color? Straight blue highlight?
  9. Thanks guys. I realized how dumb this question was lol. I only had one of the bait I wanted to copy and didn't want to mess it up.
  10. When making a silicone mold of an existing soft plastic lure, is it necessary to add a release agent on the bait before pouring the mold? Or does silicone not stick to plastisol?
  11. Thanks Fern. What size hook will work with the 6"?
  12. Yeah i've seen that one but I was hoping someone on here had poured it, and had an unbiased opinion. It looked good in the video, but he helped design it, of course it's gonna look good lol.
  13. Has anyone poured this mold yet? Really like the look and concept but the tail seems pretty thick. Would like an opinion on the swimming action.
  14. Watermelon "Pumpkin - Pepper" maybe? Looks like Watermelon, Green pumpkin and black flake
  15. There are a ton of threads about KBS and Devcon 2T but nothing about what the main stream manufacturers use (ie: Strike King, Norman, Rapala). Does anyone know or is that a trade secret? I saw a video about Strike Kings process on Youtube and it looked like they spray their clear on.
  16. CollinW22

    Green HD shad

    Thanks for the info
  17. CollinW22

    Green HD shad

    Awesome job Mr T. If you don't mind me asking, what paint did you use for the back (green + glitter)?
  18. Thanks, are these materials the same or similar to production baits?
  19. Hey Anglinarcher, which clear resin would you suggest for crankbait bills? I have never worked with clear resin so i am unfamiliar with the differences between Alumilite Clear, Water Clear and Amazing Clear Cast. The bill I am wanting to replicate is about .073" thick/thin
  20. Thank you sir, exactly what I needed to know
  21. Thanks for the input. I was looking at MF colors and they have Bleeding and Non-Bleeding colors. Is there any difference in the two other than one bleeds and one does not? Is one more/less translucent than the other? Do the colors come out the same?
  22. Knowing what you know now, what 6 colors of dye would you buy if you were starting out from scratch? Been pouring re-melts for a while, now I'm going to venture into making colors from scratch, would like to know what the pros use.
  23. Olive oil it is Vodkaman, that's what use already. Travis, I pondered doing that but I want to suspend the bait in the mold, and I think a soft master will make this difficult. Plus I want a hard copy so I can make modifications and different variations of it.
  24. May be a stupid question, but will a release agent be needed if using resin?
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