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  1. Long Term Storage of plastic's. I did a search but could not find anything on long term preservation of plastics. I have thousands of plastics for Bass fishing and was wondering what is the best way to store them or how do you store your plastics. As a photographer I used to put Film in the freezer. I was thinking that this would be one of the best ways to store plastic lures as well. What about the different compositions of plastics would different storage methods cause them to disintegrate? Anyone have suggestions for storing with scents, oils, or plastic preservers which may keep the plastic supple?
  2. Disputed my charges and got a refund within 24 hours. Sad really as I really would like his product. I am not chasing people to spend my hard earned money!
  3. I guess I am in the same position. I ordered moulds on January 17th and have not heard a thing. I realize that he seems to take a long time to fill orders but only spent a fraction of $4500. Too bad, nice product but will have to dispute the charges as well.
  4. Masterschampion

    BTS Minnow Molds

    I see some sell plastics on line here. 1. Interested in purchasing pre-made clear plastic minnows 4 inch and 5.5 inch made from the BTS Minnow molds. 2. Interested in purchasing used BTS Minnow Molds 3,4,and 5.5 inch. (have already sent messages to one posted for sale). If you have either 1 or 2 above for sale, please contact me. thank you, David
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