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  1. All Eyes

    8 inch bait2.jpg

    TY Ryan, it's basically reverse firetiger colors on the sides. Just trying something different.
  2. All Eyes

    8 inch bait2.jpg

    Very kind of you, thanks!
  3. All Eyes

    8 inch bait.jpg

  4. All Eyes

    foil bait3.jpg

    Thanks Barry!
  5. All Eyes

    carving and foiling.jpg

    Thanks a lot for the kind words!
  6. All Eyes

    carving and foiling2.jpg

    Thank you! The scales on this one were rubbed or rather pressed into the foil with the end of a metal tube that I cut and modified with a file.
  7. All Eyes

    carving and foiling.jpg

    Thanks a lot Eastman!
  8. All Eyes

    carved foil bait.jpg

    The foil used on this one is gold leaf which can be found at any craft store. It's mega thin stuff that is easily wrinkled and torn by a single breath. Once sealed in epoxy it's basically like a coat of paint and can't be torn off in large strips like a heavier foil can. It's applied over a thin (wipe down) layer of epoxy.
  9. All Eyes

    carved foil bait4.jpg

    Thanks much Big Epp. I added a 3rd weight hole to this one after the blank was sealed to get it to suspend. The hole was drilled about 1/4" down from the front one in the pic. My weights are not poured lead so the depth of the cavity be appear misleading. I use round lead shot. Here's a pic I took of this bait in the sun. It has a nice flash to it that doesn't show well in pics.
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