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  1. All Eyes

    orange bait.jpg

    Thanks a lot eastman! This one was done in Createx opaque fluorescent orange. I find it works best when built up slow with light coats as apposed to shooting it fast and heavy.
  2. All Eyes

    orange bait.jpg

    Thank you!
  3. All Eyes

    saugeye bait.jpg

    Thank you Ryan! The gills are done by dipping waded up pieces of netting material in paint and dabbing it on like a sponge technique. Then I lightly dust over them with white before applying transparent colors over top.
  4. All Eyes

    saugeye bait.jpg

    Thank you! Here's another pic in my hand to give a better idea of the size.
  5. All Eyes

    10 inch carp.jpg

    Thank you! This one was done in Createx pearlized gold with a bone colored belly. For the scales I used a piece of plastic gutter screen.
  6. All Eyes

    saugeye bait.jpg

    8" cedar musky bait painted in a saugeye pattern.
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