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  1. All Eyes

    10 inchbaits12.JPG

    Yes it's transparent Createx.
  2. All Eyes

    Foil muskie bait.JPG

    Thank you! The scales are done with this little metal tube that I cut a section out of as shown. It doesn't require much pressure to make a good impression in the foil.
  3. All Eyes

    14 inch pike.JPG

    Thanks man! Here's another pic
  4. All Eyes

    10 inch baits6.JPG

    Thank you! The bottom bait was originally going to be a tiger muskie pattern but kinda sorta morphed into more of a smallmouth muskie hybrid. lol
  5. I use pure lead, but most of my spoons are 3" and under. I can understand the thought and concern for something less forgiving in a larger version, but it isn't a factor with these smaller spoons.
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