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  1. Thanks for the info and that looks pretty close. I'm brand new to pouring and really only started because my son is interested in it. Would you mind sharing the recipe for the one you posted? I need to order some things to get started and don't want to waste my time. I'm leaning toward the x2 colors but I'm open to any suggestions. What plastisol do you recommend for worms/senkos? I was leaning toward M-F easy stretch but a lot of people like the ES plastic as well. Thanks, Jim
  2. Thanks... Here is a better picture of the actual worm. Its very Opaque. Any other thoughts after seeing this?
  3. Can anyone tell me if they have ever matched the Berkley Pumpkinseed color like in these pictures? There are 2 different colors (actually it seems like Berkley has 20 different shades of pumpkinseed). If so, can you share the recipe? Notice the difference in color - The worm on the bottom is what I am trying to duplicate but the color is somewhere in between the two. This is an old berkley powerbait Pumpkinseed crawler worm. Thanks, Jim
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