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  1. I have had good luck catching striper in fresh water on my glow colored 3 in swimbaits. I have also had good luck with them on speckled trout in the salt down in the gulf.
  2. I make a 3 inch paddle tail using glo nation blue powder that is killer for speckled trout!!
  3. Does anyone have experience with the twin injector from Ultramold? If so, what are your thoughts. I am looking to buy a one, but not sure if one company's is better than the other. So far I see that basstackle.com offers one, as does do-it molds. I think bears baits does as well. Thanks in advance for the info!!!
  4. Been subbed to your youtube for a while now! It got me into making my own baits!
  5. Anyone have a recipe for LSU/mardi gras color for swim baits and fluke style baits? Thanks!
  6. I just ordered his plastisol, and look forward to purchasing more from him in the future! His molds look pretty sick too!
  7. Elaztech will also react to being stored or mixed with regular plastisol type baits. Even storing elaztech with regular plastics or in plano style lure cases will cause warping of the boxes.
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