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  1. Minor update on the pieces - Started to cut my next ones with the tail included and picked up some clay in order to help build features for relief carving. Here is the piece with a digital drawing on top for what I plan on doing.. More updates to come!
  2. Thanks some good input here guys!
  3. @Landry would like to see how it ends up. Please keep us posted as I will be doing the same. I have a lot of access to some good wood carvers so may have them give me a couple tutorials (like at the store just a bit stubborn on approaching for help) as I know this is a craft and not just some tip n go workflow..
  4. I am currently making masters out of wood with the intent of molding to soft plastic but having a super hard time trying to figure out how to produce this wedge style tail. I am thinking that I will have to bust out some clay in order to achieve the correct look. If anyone has any experience in making these type of wedge style tails - I would appreciate some insight..
  5. Would like to hear some thoughts on how this bait is produced. I really like the colors and style of the bait. I don't want to take anything away from this killer bait maker just trying to wrap my head around how to achieve some of these color combinations along with the type of material used to cast this style of baits. I want to grow my knowledge in order to explore more creation options and nail down a nice process.
  6. Wow I am new to lure making and couldn't imagine the patience with kids.. KUDOS to YOU!!!
  7. Great, thanks for tip.
  8. Some slight updates on the shaping and body of my 10".. Along with some other rough proto (just getting used to shaping). I will keep this thread updated on my progress.
  9. As I sit and glance at my almost now 18 hours of crafting - I stare at slight imperfections in pure dismay wondering what I could use to fix my small imperfections. Bondo is the first thing that came to mind with clay coming in slightly after.. Has anyone ever had any experience with using bondo on their hard baits for covering up imperfections of symmetry.
  10. Thanks for the reply. The wood I went with is Cedar (since I am currently getting full blown access to a buddy cedar shop on weekends). I really like the Huddleston baits and that is the type of body style and look I am going for creating my first couple runs out of wood but then moving over to the molding process. We are fishing Largemouth Bass in Texas and the black gizzard style shads seem to work the best. I do plan on rounding the body a bit more but also keep the bottom a bit more flat. Let me ask you this, what would you suggest I keep doing to get that rounded end style?
  11. Hi Guys, Long time lurker here.. I have been gathering information from all over the web and TU directly for months and decided that today was going to be the day I take the plunge. I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself all in all minus the fact that I caught myself a couple times (see thumb below) + need to get my head and tail less thick (hopefully that makes sense). I definitely gained a whole new respect for the lure makers of the fishing world. I would like to hear some feedback - What do you guys think? 1-10 body and shaping wise.. do I need to go back to the drawing board or am I on the right track?
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