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  1. AGAIN YOU SHOULD WALK BEFORE YOU RUN, different blades require different spacing to allow flow without disrupting the other blades flow....I am not saying it can't be done but you need to build some regular blades that actually work before you take on more complex spinners. I would suggest that you use the search tab above and see the different path and angle that each blade uses. Just because someone else made it work does not insure that you can right out of the gate.
  2. In the future if you are going with a double blade design, the clevis will have to be separated to allow for clearance depending on blade size and style.
  3. A couple of things stand out right off the bat. 1. your blades are fighting each other...clevis on top of clevis I have never got it to work. scrap the double blade for now. 2.add 2 beads minimum for ease of blades turning 3. true inline blades have a whole in them and do not require a clevis. 4. your wrap at the bottom of your spinner is not sufficient... at least 2 full wraps. so ditch the double blades for now, always use at least 2 beads and always at least 2 full wraps top and bottom.
  4. Yes you can use it but KBS is a fairly expensive sealer....and if you contaminate it you could lose the whole jar.
  5. Location and type of forage would greatly determine the colors you need. Basic colors: white, black, green, purple, yellow, red and burnt orange but as you go down the rabbit whole.... the sky is the limit.
  6. you can use a bend in the front of the spinner and it will act like a keel.
  7. I ran into a similar situation, I added a second bead and no more problems. My .02.
  8. If one person was always right he/she would own the fishing industry, but that is not the case!! We all have had great years followed by not so great years.... as conditions change from year to year so does the fishing.
  9. azsouth

    Gill Detail

    That is really nice!
  10. I am glad people are excited about this modification... would it help if I did a video exactly how I build them?
  11. Changing wire size on so on you can get to where you need to be, but it is all about your exact needs. give us specifics and most people can probably help. current is tough too fish but cfs and flow rates do not very in mathematics. Then it boils down to blade, type, size and total weight.
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