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  1. when you say inline this is what I think of.... Inline Spinner Blades Brass Finish Lacquer Coated Sizes 1 - 6 - Barlow's Tackle (barlowstackle.com) blade thickness to me does not matter as much as target weight of the total spinner, I think that once you really get into building spinners instead of buying them, you will find blade size to weight is very important. it allows you to fish it the way you need to..... mass produced ones have a tendency to be just around what you need not dead on. My .02
  2. Not saying your math is right or wrong, but there is a difference between book and actual life. The Colorado is still stable and stays in a straight line on a retrieve even with a 7.1 reel, with the math saying it would run to the right is not so. simple solution... make the the modification and put it on a tuned 1.5.... it will track straight.
  3. glass or plastic or metal?
  4. don't have the money/time to do more.....I am on call 24/7/365..... it is just what I can do with the time I have left over. So I wonder how many ideas have gone by the way side just because. The funny thing is I have a few more things that I am working on that are actually working versions.
  5. here are some videos, not the best but you get the idea. https://youtu.be/KPsVzycUTf0 https://youtu.be/YY0KLwPxOkY https://youtu.be/XjENNdaTFR4
  6. I think it was just a push in the right direction.
  7. Yes I have videos, I don't know if they will download here ( I haven't tried to ) they are not the best but you can get the whole feel of how it runs for each bait.
  8. Yes sir! I fish 2-3 times a week in Yuma ( my job has me there that much ) but no boat over there, so I fish from the bank.
  9. v-block with a degree wheel make a v in a piece of wood to cradle the lure, using a degree wheel to be exact with the eye placement. How To Make a V-Block on the Table Saw - Woodworking Video (wwgoa.com)
  10. Yes sir, REAR HOOK HANGER ONLY! Frequency theory is above my pay grade, but I can/do understand movements of blades and baits. I also have been thinking of just making clear blades out of clear plastic but in the desert climate I live in they would not last. I am currently using willow, French, Colorado, and Indiana blades with good success.
  11. A few things that I had to learn by mistake/not knowing. 1. weight of the design.... too much weight will cause the bait to do unintended things 2. exactly how it is attached.... NO swivel or split ring, those bring on weight and blade issues. 3. size and length of wire to each size hook.... again this brings weight back into it. 4. blade size and shape to the size of bait and bill.... blade should be smaller than the bill, normally. 5. Bait HAS TO BE TUNED CORRECT before attaching modification!!!! 6. .024 ss wire is the best for weight to durability ratio. T
  12. Yes sir, very simple design but it does work
  13. yes! without a doubt the different blades have different affects! Basically the bigger the lip the bigger the bigger blade you can use and not blow it out.
  14. originally a buddy had asked my to trick out his bladed swim jig and let the fish see something different, that is where the idea came from. I found out rather quickly if you had a swivel you got the flash but the blade spinning on it killed the action of the bait. making different versions of this modification I learned quite a bit about the effects of blades with/without a swivel.
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