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  1. You can lead a horse to water.....but you can't make him drink.
  2. KBS takes up to 2 weeks to fully cure in favorable conditions, If it's not above 70 there is a very good chance of multiple failures and that is not even dealing with humidity. Personally I went with UV hard cured resin to eliminate all the hassle.
  3. I have posted so many times about KBS.... read and understand the instructions!! otherwise you will have bad finish all the time.
  4. Best thing for people using KBS is read the instructions completely!! if you don't the learning curve will really hurt. KBS is not forgiving when it comes to temperature and humidity, so stay in the numbers.
  5. This is a great explanation!!! get off your A$$ and do it in real life, just don't sit read and watch videos.
  6. painted and finished.... just need to throw them.
  7. Alright guys, I did put in an order from Fishhead lures on the Nov. 12th and they are in my hand on Nov. 14th!! That's amazing to me! Baits look good but until I paint, finish and test.... I can't say how good they are.
  8. My suggestion is you have to figure it out for yourself, We don't fish your waters or baits... I think it would be easier to pick you a wife. Personally my trick is also co-poly but it fits my style and baits .... for me you can't beat P-Line original. Also there are many tricks to keeping the line memory to a minimum that take just a second or 2. That is where time and effort on your waters/baits with your style, put in the time for yourself and it will pay off better than anything anyone can tell you.
  9. You might try Fishhead Custom Lures .... I have not personally bought any from him but he took over the best supplier I have found. If you do buy from him I would sure love to here how the quality and service are.
  10. azsouth

    Clear Coat

    It's like asking for the perfect anything, it's subjective to the lure, water and species of fish. So being very specific would help.
  11. For me, I usually let the bait sit for a day after I foil it.
  12. I would be willing to say not enough weight in the bottom of the lure, for better help is it wood or resin? Normally lipless baits are smaller at the top going to wider at the bottom.
  13. Fishhead15, Dinger had the best blanks that I have seen! the question is "Are your blanks going to be the same quality as Dingers were?
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