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  1. I need help locating any and all older style basstrix 5" style swimbaits/molds. I would really like the mold but if not the baits will be just fine. I don't think this has come up, or at least I could not find anything specific on it with a search. thanks Stuart
  2. welcome i am NEWBIE also to the site, I find everyone willing to listen and teach
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    I beleive time on the water is about the only real thing that works, meaning everyone fishes their own style so what works for one person may not work another person. I can only say try it and go have fun...it works for me, stuart
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    I use the inline spinners for smallies and I do quite well, as far as what size to throw is determined by line size and current. ex. if I am fishing 6lb test I fish up to 1/4 oz....12lb up to 1/2 oz. inline spinners are really over looked by most bass fishermen that means they don't see it as much as the other lures. smallies seam to have a color preference for sure, make sure you have an idea of that color to save money. Stuart
  5. thank you Apdriver you can really fine tune what you want the bait to do with larger blade or play with the weight. I have made a couple of hundred of them( pm knock-off ) and tested everyone from .18 to .5 oz. the heavier the weight the faster the retrieve has to be. I have also found that two beads instead of one makes a huge difference.
  6. I have some experience with inline spinners, the inlines are a pretty good bet! If you play with different versions..... small to large blades will track well wether burning or slow rolling them. you have to take the fishing conditions into account ( current, depth, type of fish, and so on ) one thing is for sure inline spinners can be fished fast or slow. I have problems trying to slow down a spinner with a clevis and then trying to start the blade again, with the inline spinner you can bring it almost to a crawl before the blade stops and restarts very easy. btw the pm 6 size I believe is a #4 blade if you going to make it exactly the same.
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