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  1. Welcome to TU, you might want to use the search feature for this question. by the way I don't know of any top coat that you can apply below freezing.
  2. most guys that make spinners would be able to make a bait in the time that it would take you to change a blade. I don't see any time savings.
  3. No real good way to do what you want, most wire is pretty cheap. So take notes as you build.
  4. To me it looks like there is moisture under the finish coat.
  5. inline for me...#5 inline blade, .12 oz body, 2 beads, #6 hook and wire is .026-.024 generally comes out to a total of.23oz.
  6. exactly what type of spinners, inline, Colorado, French, and so on. Types of fish you will be fishing for would help also.
  7. I think people don't know what they are getting into when they say " I am making a glide bait" Hands down it's the most temperamental bait to make!! the bait characteristics will change with elevation, temperature, line size, snaps, no snap, barometric pressure...and folks there are many more considerations that can/will effect a glide bait. I am not saying don't try to make a glide bait but get ready to be frustrated at almost every turn to get a decent glide bait and not a paper weight.
  8. I personally fish inline blades the most and I can only speak for my own preference. size 4 blade should not weigh over .22 ounces (total weight ) or lose the thump of the blade. size 5 blade should not weigh over .28 ounces (total weight ) or lose the thump. this is not by any means written in stone but it works for me.
  9. I think you are describing the blade report to the rod or lack of....One easy rule for spinners is the heavier the bait the bigger the blade... smaller line diameter will also help with the feel.
  10. I am so glad that I am not the only person that Obsesses over each detail of weight and body...I am no where analytical as you but I have been Obsessing over snap-rings and hook sizes/styles for years now.. I am here to tell you with PVC baits it makes all the difference if you want to really crush them.
  11. I have bent quite a few, as you are aware...you are creating a stress point at the area of the bend. I have had decent luck with doing this but have lost some very large fish due to failure at the stress point, so just know that anytime you do this failure is very possible.
  12. You might want to listen to AZ Fisher, He does it all quite well.
  13. Cutting your own lips is a double edge sword, Though most people can cut lips that will work, Most of them are not precise or edged properly. Lexan/Polycarbonate is a soft material but should be cut with a high speed carbide blade. Table saw or Router then the edges should be seemed ( light sanding of edges) then if you really want a high polish look use a propane torch to heat the edges... this technique will take some practice!! As far as best way to trim/shave lips while out and about... glue 120-180 grit sandpaper on a hard flat surface ( hand size ) and slowly take the material off...I personally don't like using any heavier grit than 120.
  14. azsouth


    I like it!
  15. The silicone pad does a couple of things, the padding will help stabilize from moving and can take quite a bit of heat. depending on the thickness and make-up of the holo-tape.... you can heat and form it to just about any shape then you can use a sharp razor to cut it out properly (always pull the blade towards the glue side from the non-glued side )
  16. Try heat with a heat gun and silicone pad, depending on make-up of tape it can work well once you get it down.
  17. Just so you know super glue is not waterproof.
  18. To me it looks like contamination on the paint..... meaning that either you got oil from your hands or something like that on the bait or the paint was not fully dry. Just my .02
  19. AGAIN YOU SHOULD WALK BEFORE YOU RUN, different blades require different spacing to allow flow without disrupting the other blades flow....I am not saying it can't be done but you need to build some regular blades that actually work before you take on more complex spinners. I would suggest that you use the search tab above and see the different path and angle that each blade uses. Just because someone else made it work does not insure that you can right out of the gate.
  20. In the future if you are going with a double blade design, the clevis will have to be separated to allow for clearance depending on blade size and style.
  21. A couple of things stand out right off the bat. 1. your blades are fighting each other...clevis on top of clevis I have never got it to work. scrap the double blade for now. 2.add 2 beads minimum for ease of blades turning 3. true inline blades have a whole in them and do not require a clevis. 4. your wrap at the bottom of your spinner is not sufficient... at least 2 full wraps. so ditch the double blades for now, always use at least 2 beads and always at least 2 full wraps top and bottom.
  22. Yes you can use it but KBS is a fairly expensive sealer....and if you contaminate it you could lose the whole jar.
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