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  1. Can anyone tell me how companies like Rapala and Spro are making these paint jobs with such crazy detail? Are they using a computer? I have a customer who wants me to duplicate the Spro Fire Craw pattern and it’s crazy detailed! If this is a computerized wrap, how do I get into this?
  2. Rod Builders!!! What is the going rate to replace guides on someones rod? Can you tell me how much you would charge to flat out put one on and how much you would charge to take one off and replace it with another one? How much to replace an entire set of guides on a standard bass fishing rod that has between 9-11 guides? Any help much appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Rod builders! What’s the cheapest and best way to ship a 7’0” + fishing rod? Took one to the post office recently and paid $45 to send from Indiana to TX!!! Please help! Where can I get the rod tubes like what Tacklewarehouse uses? Rather not use PVC.
  4. Ha. It's okay but I'm new to the site, as I am sure many if not all of the people are, who upset you guys and write the "stupid, redundant, should have known better" posts. As a newby to TU I've found this site completely awesome. However, for someone who's not used to the layout yet it's pretty tough to navigate. I didn't even know I could simply search for this question. Personally, until now I thought this site was a gold mine. A place where I could come and ask anything and get an answer from someone with more experience than me and certainly not worry about being attacked for asking a stupid question. If you get so tired of answering the same questions over and over, why do it then? Skim over it and keep going, or politely inform the newby looking for help that they can use the search feature to find past answers to this exact question. Mean people suck. Be awesome, don't suck. Can't we all just get along?
  5. Thank you for the quick reply! When you say several, do you mean several containers? Or several siphon fed guns? Do the guns feed from the pain bottle itself or is there another container I would dump the paint into?
  6. I know I'm probably opening a can of worms here but I need advice on the best clear coat for finishing my baits after they've been painted. I want the paint job I put out to be an equal to what you find at the stores. This seems to be a big secret. I started out using water based paints, and 2 part epoxy as a finish. Then moved on to the different MCUs (DN, Garco, Diamond, etc..) and they just aren't like what you get from large scale manufacturers. What are they using?!? Is it a secret MCU receipe? Is it automotive finish? Oil paints? I've stayed away from oil paints and automotive finish for the health reasons but am open to ideas. Please help!!
  7. I have been painting baits for a while now on a small scale using a Pasche Talon (gravity fed) with water based createx paints. I want to start painting lots of baits the same color patterns to sell them. I've noticed some videos online of people doing this and oftentimes the paint container is attached the the bottom of the airbrush. What is the best setup for this? I can definitely see the advantage of not having to constantly put drops of paint in the hopper. Any recommendations on equipment for somone wanting to go from a hobbyist to start painting large scale?
  8. Ive been doing the MudHole wholesale program for a while now and I understand the way it works is that they purchase blanks and rod building materials from certain manufacturers like St. Croix, Fuji, Pac Bay, etc. and then offer them to rod builders at a "wholesale" price. How would one go about cutting them out of the equation and purchasing straight from the manufacturer in an attempt to save money? Do you have to become a dealer? Order in bulk? I've been to Fujis website and they just send you to a dealer to purchase from. Looking to buy blanks, guides, thread, reel seats, handles, and so on...
  9. Trying the Mud Hole DIY kit to build some rods and am having trouble finding the spine. I even bought a spine finder which I can't seem to get to work. I do like they say and I bend the rod and rotate it with the other hand and wait for it to jump into place, but I guess what gets me is that it seems to do that on both sides. Are they both the spine? Should I be looking for something specific? When using the spine finder I bend the rod down and it wont rotate the ball bearings very well to where I'd say Ah Hah! Any help would be much appreciated. Here is the MudHole DIY video for finding a spine.
  10. What about on a wiggle wart? I'd need to soak the whole thing.
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