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  1. Dave, yes, round over. I opted for a shallower cut. I did not want to make the bait any thicker. I think that would change the characteristic of the bait more then a shallower cut. Shallower cut worked. My router has a knob for fine adjustments which work well.
  2. Hey guys, I am trying to shape some baits using a router, but both sides are not coming out exactly the same. When routing the first side the bearing runs along the flat edge of the bait. I then flip the bait and route the other side, now the bearing runs along the previously routed edge causing the second side to be slightly different. Hope that makes sense. Am i doing something wrong? Any tips or ideas on how to get both sides the same?
  3. rui

    Select Pine

    Yes it seems to be working. I painted 2 baits. One with etex and one without. The etex one is still white and the other is already turning yellow.
  4. https://www.google.com/search?q=archimedes+displacement&rlz=1C1ARAB_enUS728US728&oq=arch&aqs=chrome.0.69i59l2j69i57j69i60l3.1871j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 That's where you need to start. Also search archimedes on this site. After understanding displacement then choice of wood makes more sense.
  5. Can you post a link to the video. Curious to see his procedure. Tried looking but came up empty. Most saltwater guys who are still sealing with spar are using a 4:1 ratio of spar urethane/ Mineral Spirits. Works very well but have to give it time to dry. I have not done it but will be giving it a try soon. By warming the wood you are opening the pores which helps get the epoxy in deep.
  6. rui

    Select Pine

    Mark, you mentioned that the resin can bleed through. Do you think adding a coat of epoxy before paint would contain any resin that might try to escape?
  7. rui

    Select Pine

    Any tips for selecting the driest pine? Yeah it is nice.
  8. rui

    Select Pine

    Does anyone use select pine to make lures? Any cons in using it? I recently made a nice top water bait but haven't found many guys who use pine. Thanks,
  9. rui


    Beautiful work gliders. Is that transparent black you're using around the gill plate?
  10. Gliders, Sorry made a mistake when saying raw. Meant sealed.
  11. Have you guys ever tried using Zinsser BIN primer? I cant say to much about it yet being i just started using it but it seems promising. It goes on thick, but dries nice and smooth to the touch within 20 minutes. Covers sealed or epoxied wood really nice and water based paint sticks well to it. It might be a little pricey thou.
  12. In my experience if you get a max of 55 psi with a .35mm tip you will not get 55 psi with a .5 tip. Also, when you say 55psi is that what your compressor is rated to or is that what you have it set to while painting? This also is different.
  13. I know this is a really old thread, but i wanted to bump it to the top because i found it extremely useful. Vodkaman thanks for taking the time (6+ years ago) to write this up. Being a new hard bait builder this is the best bit of information i have read.
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