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  1. Hi TU, As my hard baits are getting more and more refined, it’s almost a shame to glue on cheap factory eyes at the very end of a build. I’ve been searching for realistic eyes that will compliment my baits better, but it’s difficult to find exactly what I’m looking for…so in true builder fashion: why not try to make them myself? I’ve done a bit of research and think that I’m going to try printing on waterslide decal paper, affixing to vinyl backing, and putting epoxy on top after punching the eyes out. I was wondering if anyone has tried this and run into issues (such as delamination of layers) that I should be aware of. Any other tips or tricks or better methods for making these would be greatly appreciated. Also if you have examples of your work I’d love to see it. Thanks guys! Dan
  2. Interesting design with the lip incorporated into the head. Is it carved out of wood?
  3. Thanks brother! It’s been a wild ride getting to where I am now with this bait, but I’ve had fun with it and learned a lot as well!
  4. Thanks! I am hardly on Solar’s level, but I do my best to build baits that I can be proud of My basswood isn’t a good enough grade to carve every scale with a utility knife I think (I’ve tried and had lots of wood chipping), hence I use a wood chisel. The problem with the chisel is it’s not very sharp so the wood at the surface likes to crack and flake instead of cut. You have to gradually work it in so as to not damage the finish too much but it’s doable with much patience and concentration.
  5. This 8.75" trout glide has been a long time in the making, but I'm finally getting it to where I want it to be after years of testing and weeding through iterations that I wasn't 100% satisfied with. I actually started working on this particular model about a year and a half ago and only now have enough time on the water with it to feel comfortable pushing it into the final phases of prototyping. The master was carved completely by hand out of a block of basswood using only a utility knife, wood chisel, and sandpaper. I made a two-piece silicone mold of the bait so that I could pour duplicates out of resin. The tail was also carved out of wood and molded with silicone. The casting material is a flexible urethane with black glitter to replicate the trout dots on the body. The bait in the photograph is the first fishable prototype out of my new mold. It was painted with an airbrush and clear coated with KBS Diamond Clear. I did a semi sloppy job with the hand-tied Owner ST-36 feather trebles. Not sure how they will effect the swim, but they add a nice touch. Overall I am very pleased with how this bait came out. I'd love to fish the paint off this thing but will be donating it this week to support the Swimbaits for Autism fundraiser event hosted by Swimbait Culture. Check it out and thanks for looking! Dan
  6. Thanks brother! Yeah I’ve been wanting to try brush tails…love the look of em!
  7. I like that fin idea…also seen you on SU and can’t wait to see what sweet swimbaits you come up with
  8. Wayyy better than what I was making at 15 haha…nicely done!
  9. Very cool. My local pond has a good population of bullhead catfish in it…would be interesting to see if a big bass would go after something like this.
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