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  1. Hello TU, I want to make a resin/lead jig head for 3-5" soft swimbaits and was wondering what are some good, strong 4/0 or 5/0 jig hooks out there? The hook should be able to handle big bass and striper. Degree of bend does not matter much but I'd prefer 90 degrees so I can have the eyelet on top of the head. I plan to fish it alone or on an umbrella rig. Thanks in advance! Dan
  2. Yessir! Straight resin is tough stuff. Microballoons will decrease the density and allow a drill bit to pass through much easier without melting it.
  3. I've had the same experience especially with "purer" resin blends (less microballons added) or if my drill bit isn't sharp. The resin is fully cured though and you shouldn't have any issues fishing the baits after you install the hardware.
  4. Love the black with blue trim...form, function, beauty
  5. Took this painted bait out for a quick test session today with weight added to see how it affects the swim. It swims a lot better on a slow steady retrieve and is more ballanced now. Mission success. Not only that, but it got inhaled by my new personal best bass! This color scheme really helped the bait shine in that dingy water, and this big girl absolutely THUMPED it on the first twitch. She was nearly 23" long and I'm guessing a little over 5lbs prespawn. Left my scale at home unfortunately because I didn't think I would catch anything. She thrashed up my nice paint job pretty good (clear coat wasn't fully set), but I'm not complaining. A bait that works and catches my pb on its second trip out to boot...that's a win-win in my books, lure contest or not haha. Thanks TU for motivating me to finish this bait!
  6. Haha I was thinking more like larger soft swimbaits that the standard Yumbrella rig won't handle...although an umbrella rig loaded with muskie baits sounds sweet too!
  7. @Curt - RI Should we still upload entry files as jpeg images? I uploaded a hard bait entry as a png and it shows up on my end, but I'm wondering if I need to delete and re-enter a jpeg image.
  8. Here's a small resin twitch/glide bait that I made to target fish that are locked onto schools of threadfin shad and won't bite anything else. I opted to airbrush this blank in a "sexy shad" color to make it stand out from the crowd. A silver base coat and scaling on the back add flash while the bright yellows and blues (slightly overpowered by the silver in these photos) add vivid color. Pink highlights under the chin and at the bases of the fins add a nice natural look to the darker brown head. When fully assembled, the bait is a little over 4.25" long and weighs about 3/4oz which allows me to throw it on a conventional crankbait rod. Carving all the scales, fins, gill plates, and other 3D features into my wooden master was a very difficult but fun challenge. The tail is poured from a semi-transparent, flexible urethane to prevent breakage and allow for a better swimming action. I made two-part silicone molds of both my bait and tail masters to open up more opportunities to experiment with bait styles and actions. All the internal hardware is stainless steel, and the bait is equipped with Owner ST-41 trebles and Hyper Wire split rings. The bait performed pretty well during initial testing. It is very reactive and responds well to rod twitches or reel bumps. Within the first few minutes of testing on the water I had a healthy 1.85lb bass smash my prototype head first. It felt great to catch a fish during my first time out with it! The one thing the prototype did not do very well was swim on a slow retrieve due to a pretty tight joint. I'll have to see what I can do with the next pour to try and increase the action in that area. Happy building and thanks for looking! Dan
  9. What diameter/type of wire? Rollie & Helen's Muskie Shop has rolls of wire for big bucktails. I was going to buy some myself to make heavy duty a-rigs eventually. https://www.muskyshop.com/
  10. I've got six baits currently on the cooker (hard and soft) with more designs and ideas drafted up waiting to be carved, tested, tuned, and fished. The TU Lure Contest is always a great incentive for me to sit down and work on projects, but most of the time I can't force productivity when it come to actually carving and detailing a build by hand. I had big plans to have more baits/categories entered this year, but I'm happy to have at least one on the drying rack and almost finished. The bait has already been tested and caught fish just in time for me to paint and have it ready for submission by tomorrow probably. It was a fun and stressful rush at the same time. Baitmaker problems Always a great time getting to see everyone's entries. The level of attention to detail, artistic touch, and creativity is inspiring. Too bad some of the good ones will be disqualified because their creators don't take the time to read the rules haha
  11. Beautiful rod...a job well done!
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