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  1. How to do a good job powder painting spinnerbaits. is there a better way then rolling it in the powder. A guy in town wants jigs and spinnerbaits for his store.
  2. I built a couple beds. Each one when used goes into lava spouts. I try adjusting the air flow with no luck. I tried computer paper and paper bag. I thought maybe the paint was moist, but the air is so humid I can't air dry. Any help.
  3. Would you know where I can get smaller amounts of weedguards. I just want about 10-15 of different colors. I'm getting up in years and want to pour a few more jigs. I don't need a 100.
  4. I want to start spraying instead of dipping jig to a better out come. I see I should get a compressor that regulates down to 4 lbs. I got a 5 gal. that looks like it goes down that low. Any ideas.
  5. I would like to change the size of the hook in a jig mold. Most of the are up to 3/0. I would like to take them up to 4/0-5/0. Any ideas.
  6. Looking to repair some of my lures, plus try making different designs. I can't find them anywhere.
  7. RAVEN

    Musky Lure

    Could you send me a couple pictures, so I got a idea.
  8. RAVEN

    Musky Lure

    I want to make musky lures. I have made molds for 6 & 8" shad. Any help telling me how do I get the wire form through the plastic. I would like the wire to go from the head to the belly, also down to the front fins. Had a thought about making the form and putting it in the mold.
  9. I am done making molds out of plaster paris. I would like to learn how to make them out of blue soft rubber. I would also like 2 part molds. I see youtube, but I don't seem to find any sight to make molds from scratch. Can anyone help me.
  10. I want to get into injector molding. The thing is, I can make my own molds, but the price of a injector is a little pricey. Is there any way I can make one. Unless there is a cheap one on the market.
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