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  1. Allen, Have a look at my site under Jig heads, the tube jig are from a collins mold. If that is the style you are looking for let me know. www.wobd.ca Cheers Marc
  2. This is my version of a Blue gill jig.
  3. Fellas, Looking on some feedback from guys that have this mold. I am planning on buying it yet I want to stick to a mustad hook and not the owner hooks that are recommended. Does anyone use this mold with a 1/0 Mustad hook that requires little to no modification to the mold? If so, what hook style/number is it. Tight lines Marc
  4. I am looking to get a mold done with a blank do-it mold. Currently I use a 1/2Oz Arky head with a 5/0 El2706 60 Eagle claw. I am looking to get a 3 cavity mold done with a 1/2 Oz Arly head without the weed guard. Hopefully this helps.
  5. Wondering if anyone on here has a CAD files of a 1/2 Oz Arky Jig ? Cheers
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    Sent you an email.
  7. Thanks for all the feedback fellas, Can anyone recommend a heavier hook for the do-it arky mold ? I currently use the recommended hook, 32798 Mustad and I find it to small, looking for a heavy wire hook that I could still use in this mold.
  8. Hi Fellas, Looking for a recommendation on a jig head mold that I can use for a bladed jig? Currently I am use 1/2 Oz Shaker heads from Jann's Netcraft. These are getting expensive to buy and I am trying to be all self sufficient. I figured the Arky Mold I have would work since it looks the same but the blades rub on both sides of the jig head and wear out the paint. I also tried a football jig with the same result. What do you use for a bladed jig head ??? Attached is a picture of what I currently use, the blade does not wear the paint on this jig head. Thanks in Advance Marc
  9. I use a few excel spread sheet to keep track of inventory and sales.
  10. Thanks for the input fellas, I ended up getting a CNC Mold off of ebay with 1/4 - 3/8 - 1/2 & 3/4 Pz cavities. Looking forward to pouring some lead and trying it out.
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  12. I've tried both and prefer keeping them straight. I get more erratic action it seems with a straight blade.
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